Beauty Tip Friday (4) Gylcolic Acid and Vitamin C skin treatments

What is the difference between an alpha hydroxy acid (Glycolic acid) and a vitamin C treatment?

How to use each and WHEN to use them.

The two, are both beneficial to our skin but in very different ways. This is why it is important to know the differences and use them to our maximum benefit.

Glycolic ( alphlic acia hydroxy acid) derived from sugar cane, is a powerful EXFOLIANT. Used properly, it will clean clogged pores, break down the dirt and sebum accumulated in the top layer of your skin and reveal the clean, new, bright and healthy new skin.

How to use glycolic acid properly.

If you decide to have professional glycolic acid peels, please make sure they are performed by a licensed esthetician an/or in a doctor’s office. Also make sure you PREP your skin prior to the professional treatment.

What does this mean?

For at least two weeks prior to a professional glycolic peel, which has a very high percentage of glycolic acid, as compared to over the counter products, USE a glycolic acid in a lower percentage, to get your skin used gradually. Professional estheticians and/or doctors, will PROVIDE PREP KITS and instruct you how to use them.

Consequences of using glycolic acid improperly, include redness, irritation and may result in more pigmentation to the skin.


Because glycolic acid and sun do not do well together, I always suggested to my clients to have their biannual professional glycolic professional peels in winter and fall, when there is minimal sun exposure.

For maximum benefit, I suggest using between the professional peels, a glycolic acid of lower concentration and not in combination with other ingredients. Use those separately.

Vitamin C Treatments —

Vitamin C, is a collagen booster and powerful antioxidant. NOT an exfoliant, as is the glycolic acid.

In other words, they perform different functions and used correctly will both benefit your skin.

What is collagen? Collagen is a protein and it helps maintain our skin firm. Applying vitamin C to the skin promotes collagen production and as a result improves the firmness of our skin.

Always use an SPF cream when exposed to the sun, but unlike the glycolic acid, vitamin C treatments may be performed during the summer when we are exposed to the sun.

What I suggest, is to have your glycolic peel before the sunny seasons. As a result, your skin will be exfoliated and clean.
Have your vitamin C treatment a month or more AFTER the glycolic peel, because in this way the vitamin C will penetrate your exfoliated skin easier and thus be more efficient.

In conclusion, both the glycolic acid and vitamin C used properly are beneficial for our skin.

Glycolic is an excellent exfoliant, while vitamin C boosts collagen formation, which firms our skin and is a powerful antioxidant.


Enjoy your beautiful skin!

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