Hackers of Everything You wrote to the Wrong Blog

Yes, YOU, the one who commented on one of my posts, seriously, find a more exciting blogger. You know, sex, people who disappear, where to contract AIDS or where not to. This is a decent, boring blog and those almost 22,000 who read it are all IT experts. They want to know if you, the hackers from India wish in exchange to use them to protect your hackings from other hackers from outside India. Like a hacker for a hacker service.
You state your ability to hack blogs, bank accounts, pay pal accounts, changing college grates, Meaning what? A rich idiot pays you and puff he’s got an A?
Watch out, the hackers may be hacked in the world of hacking!

I have to thank you because I didn’t dream so many things could be hacked. Is it legal, may be we should ask the FBI before I post on my clean, decent blog your advertisements for hacking.

Oh you may be in India, but I am there too every time I speak to Microsoft company or a cell phone company. NO big deal you are in India too. I’d change it for Russia. Much more scary
So, since I love my readers, I thought I’d let you know to watch for those hackers from India, even if they offer you a list of 20 things to hack at reasonable prices and you are in the same profession, but better.

Oh, I hope FBI works around the clock because I do and just emailed them a report. NOT JOKING. Please keep us safe, I left my info and hope to hear from you. Meaning the FBI -I am counting on your help. Thank you.

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