Black Dog Syndrome!!!!! How Much More superficial Could Our Culture Get????

This morning, my beautiful, brilliant black lab Lola woke me up at 6:00 A.M. sharp. Her biological clock screamed “hungry,” and so did her “buddies,” of other colors and breeds of dogs. 

Saturday mornings, after my “babies” are fed, I sip my coffee and turn on the T.V… This time has been one of my favorite moments for years. Simple and lasting: to see the gratitude and trust in my companions’ eyes, pet their silky furs, of ALL colors, makes my day. It is, after all, the small pleasures that make our lives better or worse.

Today’s morning was an exception! The “breaking news,” a 5.1 Earthquake in Southern California where my youngest daughter, granddaughter and family live! Having experienced a 7.8 Earthquake years ago, in Bucharest, Romania, makes my heart race just at the whisper of the word earthquake!

As if this news wasn’t bad enough, the second  topic on the news was “BLACK DOGS SYNDROME!!!!!”

What??? I must be still  asleep… somnambulism… I pinched  myself. It hurt! Unfortunately I had to conclude my awake state!

The story on television continued, giving details about how black dogs, even puppies, beautiful, healthy and loving are being euthanized in larger numbers as compared to dogs of other colors, because they are BLACK!!!

Aside from medieval superstitions, the main reason black puppies are not adopted is because, apparently, they do not photograph as well!!! YES, I repeat, black puppies and dogs in shelters are not desirable because they don’t photograph well! and “humans” of high intelligence make the decision to rather kill them!

Our culture, as a whole, is still so biased and superficial that we would rather see a black puppy killed  than adopt it.

Sad, stupid, heartless? No number of qualifiers would ever completely describe my outrage and disappointment. Frankly, it feels like a nightmare, one of those which is so bad, it requires  consulting a psychiatrist.

I have a “thing” for all dogs and their unconditional love. However, I must confess this apparently politically incorrect “weakness,” of mine, (by whose standards?) was a major factor  in 2012, when I adopted Lola. Yes, people, to be very, very clear, I adopted Lola because she was BLACK!!!

She is a gorgeous black lab mix and one of the many features  I love most about her, is her shinny, silky black fur, which I thankfully pet daily. My high blood pressure goes down, probably more so, because her fur is black:)

She also has the nerve to photograph well and is so kind and intelligent, Lola has her own popular blog,  

BB stands for beautiful and brilliant, because she IS!!! Here she is, and for more lovely photos of Lola, and natural dog home-made treats and tips,please check out her own site.

In my household, officially, the color BLACK is IN!

What is OUT:  superficial thinking… frankly I refer to it as stupidity! 
Here is Beautiful, Brilliant BLACK Lola who among many other qualities, photographs well!Image

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