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Buyer Beware! How to Protect Ourselves Against all SCAMS, which identifies PATTERNS scammers use ( published on this blog in April, 2017) and
Buyer Beware Part III The Alluracell-RejuvSkin EpicFlow… Connection,” published on this blog on February 1, 2016

The root of this story rests in my desire to try a new skin care product in hopes I’d look better for my daughter’s wedding! I cannot afford eye-lifts, tummy tucks or even laser resurfacing, so, since the advertisement for FREE TRIAL SKIN DM/REJUVA GLOW COBO promised INSTANT POSITIVE results, I went for it! What was it to loose? After all, the ad continued, it was a free trial, all I had to do was pay for the shipping and handling, using MY CARD.

$3.95!!! Wow, for a brand new, stunning ME!!! I was already concerned by beauty was going to “steal the show,” and I didn’t wish that! Oh, no!

The two free trial  products arrived at the same time, in two different UPS boxes. Amazon orders arrive in different boxes most of the time, when in fact, I only placed one order. I did not give it a second thought. I opened them and read the enclosed “instructions.”

Looking back, what I read should have alarmed me right away, but the desire to get rid of my wrinkles “instantly,” blinded me!

The instructions were that if I, for some insane reason, did not like this miraculous products, to call a telephone number (provided) and get an RMA number and write it exactly as instructed on the return BOX. All this should have been accomplished within 14 days from when the product was received! Or else… or else what??? NO actual price of the products or what would happen was mentioned anywhere, but my instinct told me it was NOT something good, but vanity won and I ignored the gut!

I took pictures of my saggy face, got depressed, and for one week religiously, I used the two products in silver containers.

Instant was not so instant and because I did not notice any difference, I called the customer service after one week.

First, the agent wanted to convince me to try until the end, the entire 14 days, but I was so afraid they will claim I returned the products too late, I insisted to verify the EXACT address where to ship them back and get it over with!

The agent tried one more time to persuade me to ‘KEEP THE WHOLE THING,” (meaning the free trial combo) for $22.00! but I refused that deal!

I read BACK to him the address in Seminole, Florida, where I was supposed to mail the HALF USED CONTAINERS!!! I told the firm’s customer service agent that I HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED BY ANY COMPANY to mail back containers which have been opened and this was a basic rule in the beauty industry!   I even told him, come to think of it, the trial containers I received were NOT sealed!!! He assured me the containers I was about to mail back at MY EXPENSE were going to be “disposed of.” In other words, WHY was I asked to mail them back half used? Just so I am “punished” for not instantly becoming wrinkle free?

I mailed them back and thought this was the last I heard of this “no hassle FREE  trial.” which already  was not that free!! .”

Yesterday, yes, Saturday, August 9th, I checked my online bank account and right there, under my very wrinkled eyes was a CHARGE for $92.61!!!! made by a company ending in GLOW!!! There was a phone number, as well, and yes, you guessed, I immediately called.

At first there was total confusion, meaning I was confused, the people I was speaking with were not confused at all!!! I was explained, again and again, as if I were “intellectually disabled,” to use the latest professional  term in DCM V, that the TWO products, the “TRIAL COMBO,” was advertised together, the packaging was similar (silver), but in fact I was supposed to ship them back to TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES!!!!

In vain I explained that any reasonable person would assume that two products advertised as combo, together and similar in packaging belonged together. It was useless to explain that JUST the fact that the products arrived at the same time, as a combo, but in two boxes, should have clued me in.

Have you ever spoken to “Judy,” the lady-robot on any computerized lines? Well, the human agent of the “combo trial,” made Judy sound human. I WANTED JUDY THE ROBOT!!! to have a human conversation with her!!!

Half an hour into begging the agent for a FULL refund,  he remained unmoved and  I asked for his manager. He was another human, James 615! James 615 repeated everything that the first agent told me, but he offered a new option:

“All Glow, would do, was give me half a  refund: $46.46. “Would I accept that?”

Wait a minute, James 615, accept what? To pay $46.46 and I didn’t even have EMPTY JARS to show for my money???? I HAD NOTHING!!!

I swallowed a Lisipronil pill, my high blood pressure medication, but my head kept spinning, so I took a deep breath and hang up on James 615!

Since that moment, because why would I want to spend my Saturday visiting with friends, shopping or watching a movie, all I did was research  Skin DM/RejuvaGlow combo and make calls to my Bank, trying to stop the payment of $92.61.

I could not stop the payment, but I was told on Wednesday I could make an official “dispute,” complaint and  my bank will help me with the situation.

Since my Saturday was ruined anyway, I started researching various combination of Skin DM, trials, articles on the trials and company, etc.

In my many searches I came across the web site of what was supposed to be:

SKIN DM but what a CONVENIENT TYPO: IN BIG PURPLE LETTERS, in the middle of the page it is written:


even the link uses the MD first and switches to DM towards the end.

Furthermore, a bright yellow sign states (on the same Skin DM site, which became MD):

MySkin MD Exclusively Recommends…

OH wait a minute!!! it says the COMBO Skin DM and Rejuva Glow are OUT OF STOCK!!!! but, rest assured they will take care of you.

The advertisement continues:

Selling Hot World Wide!!!! (in red letters) the company has a replacement for the out of stock combo:

TruVisage and PurEssance

Just as the first trial, this one is also a ” 100% risk free trial! Just pay for the shipping! To get the best results try BOTH products together.

Some impressive statistics follow on the site:

83% —saw Reduction in wrinkles!

90% –Noticed smoother skin!

82% –Reported increase in SLASTICITY!!!! Because most women look at themselves daily and say to themselves: “Wow!!! My slasticity  increased! Good for me, thank God I came about this miracle combo!”

Who participated in the studies, where were they done? how many participants? For how long?  I got an A in my  Graduate Research and Methodology class for a reason:)

It is all a mystery, but not for long. Come tomorrow, I will contact the  real M.D. Skin Care Company, I will file official complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (Consumer Protection Division) and visit

Just for starters.

Oh let’s not forget those half-empty jars and The Department of Health!

I have not ben a believer in evil until events such as this one started to happen here and there. Events one thinks could never happen to them, but I have sad news: THEY COULD, AND WOULD! YOUR WEAPON IS TO BE INFORMED!

UPDATE:  February 1, 2016-

Please read “Buyer Beware Part III: What is the  Rejuv— -Alluracell – EpicFlow-LLSDeluxeEye-Advance Vitamin C Connection? 

Since August 11, 2013, when this article was published,  as a series of three articles on “Skin DM/Rejuva Glow “FREE Trial,” which wasn’t so free after all,  the article has been read thousands of times and hundreds of people made comments which helped countless of people. To note that there were NO positive comments regarding these products or the way they were marketed. Recently, once again, we came across the same , but a different name… a different name, until I received my credit card statement… please continue to read Buyer Beware Part III, published on this blog ( on February 1, 2016. As always, your comments will help many.  This site continues to be free and dedicated to helping people and stating the truth! Thank you.



  1. Thanks Rodica May I remind all of your hundreds that have been taken for a ride that under the Statute Of Limitations that you have 2 years to actually make a case against them to get your money back under the Fair Trade Act. Your best defense is taking it to the Federal Police that enforce the arrest of these kind of criminal acts.


    • Thank you again in the name of everyone who has been faced with this, or similar problems. Unfortunately, over time the “concept” became more and more “sofisticated,” thus difficult to detect and it seems to have expanded globally.


  2. Defrauded too. All you have to do don’t even talk to skinglow people just call your credit card company and report fraudulent charges. They will cancel your card and reimburse you for charges in 15 days. I got 300$ back and still have product which I don’t know if they are good and most likely not


  3. I found a similar add on my facebook feed; I was stupid enough to try it. The concept is the same, yet mine was for Carcinia Cambogia (AND OF COURSE ORDER THIS OTHER @#%# – coffee drops- BECAUSE IT WORKS BEST TOGETHER; WHEN LOOKING TO SAY NO DURING THE ORIGINAL ORDER PLACEMENT, IT WOULDNT EVEN ALLOW ME TO SAY NO, I JUST WANT THE ONE THING; stupidly enough, again, I figured it was only another 3.99 to try that one, so I basically gave up. Well that plus the shipping and handling for CARCINIA ended up being about 10 together(TWO SEPARATECHARGES) for the “SO CALLED TRYING IT OUT. I GOT CHARGED BY 2 DIFFERENT COMPANIES- MERCYLIFDIET8449658426 & NWS*NEWSKIN NET!!! The products took almost a WEEK to get to my house, granted they say something about you have 14 days to try it; which I could swear I originally read it and it said 30, so its just a FRECKIN SCAM!. TODAY, I SAW MY CREDIT CARD CHARGES(Luckily, I was just browing through my credit card online charges not the actual statement-so not when posted yet), and I ALMOST SCREAMED. I COULDNT BELIEVE THE CHARGES, SO I INMEDIATELY looked for anything to call them- luckily I still had the return slip which had my account number with hthem, a reference number as well, and a PHONE NUMBER for their so called customer service. SO I CALLED THEM AND DEMANDED to speak with a supervisor or manager. First time, the lady kept telling me how good the product was(reading a script really-very noticeable) and offered to be “NICE” and discount by 25% a LIFETIME SHIPMENT! I WANTED TO HIT SOMETHING BY THEN, SO I TOLD HER TO PUT ME THROUGH A SUPERVISOR.SHE SAID THEY WERE TOO BUSY; I THREATED WITH CALLING ALL NIGHT UNTIL THEY PUT ME THROUH. AND GUESS WHAT?! SHE HANG UP ON ME! I DID NOT REACT WELL TO THAT, SO I made sure I CLOGGED their phone lines and kept calling and calling! 3 people after, they finally put me through a so called supervisor, who told me he couldn’t do anything and hang up on me again!!! I kep calling and many times after, someone answered again, I asked for this guy again(sooo called CAMERON), but the answer was”there is NO SUPERVISOR ON DUTY! I SAID I WAS JUST TALKING TO THIS GUY-THEY SAID HE JUST LEFT!. SAID:THIS IS A 24HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE, ISNT IT!? I SAID, I WILL CALL ALL NIGHT UNTIL YOU PUT ME THROUGH A SUPERVISOR, AND THEY SAID: “CALL BACK IN THE MORNING BECAUSE THERE WAS NO SUPERVISOR ON DUTY ANYMORE! !!!I WAS …LIVE IT! BY THAT SECOND MY Internal lightbulb went on and decided to call my credit card company, and see what they could do so I never ever have to deal with these $%^&^ AGAIN! my credit card company helped me out because THANK GOD the charges had not yet posted, they were still showing as PENDING since they had just processed them this morning apparently. luckily (fingers crossed) I will never have to deal with these $%^# again! and wish that you and/or anyone else who even looks at these kinds of adds have to go through this! best of luck!


  4. I too got screwed! For me it was Luma Essence and rejuva essence. Free trial my butt! Single mother of two small children and a part time job. I thought why not only to see that last week I was charged $98.22 and then again changed $99.96 last night!! Called and spoke to a lady who said at first she would give me 15% of my money back I continued to tell her I’ve been puked on four days in a row from my youngest she is really sick and I cannot afford to pay for something I did not receive!!! She then said I can give you 30% back I told her how does this make sense to you I need that $200 for diapers wipes and medicine not some stupid scam!!! She then said i can give you 50% it will be back into your account within 7 days and have a great rest of the day then hung up! So mad right now, such a scam!!! If it seems to good to be true chances are it is.


    • So sorry this scam continues to affect so many innocent people. Please read the articles on The Nude Truth related to various names and ways to stop it to affect you and also the many great comments by readers, as it seems the names of the businesses vary depending on WHERE it is located but the concept stays the same!


  5. I have been seeing so many ads about the Dr Oz face cream that I finally bit on the free trial just pay postage. Much to my surprise I received a fraud phone call from my credit card a few minuets later and found that two more charges were added in addition to the $3.95. Rarely do I buy anything online before looking for reviews but this time i did. Promptly cancelled the credit card and denied two of the charges before they could hit me with a larger charge. Sure Dr Oz would be unhappy to find that this group of marketers was using his name to cheat people.


  6. I paid the postage for the FREE Visage Renew Skin Care, sounds like the same deal. I saw the Video clip from “Shark Tank” an Australian TV show for Entrepreneurs promoting the idea, so I figured they wouldn’t risk their credibility on a dodgy product?? I ordered it 14/02/17 and have not received it yet but just saw the $95ish amount on my credit card, went hunting for my email address and found a link to a page that said I had only purchased a 14 day free trial. I phoned their number on the email and was told they would refund me 50% because they said they had sent it. I said I never received it and did not agree to purchase it, plus haven’t even had one day let alone 14days free trial, even IF that was what it was.

    I am so careful with stuff like that I was sure I had done a double check for that and not seen any signs as such. Still my bank allows to to dispute within 30 days, the credit card was actually not processed until the 16/01/17 so I phoned them tonight, they are cancelleing EVERY payment I pointed out to them on my credit card, total of around $131. They also suggested I cancel my credit card and they’ll issue me with a new one to ensure no further charges occur. Just did that too. Now I have the difficulty of changing all the good companies over to deduct from my new credit card due out in the next few days.

    Thanks St George Bank you are great!


    • Thank you forcsharing this story. As we commented before, a good bank will stand by you, as your bank does! This scam is getting more and more sofisticated! Unfortunately…
      Are you in Australia?
      Best wishes,


  7. I have been scammed too. I cancelled with one company and had no idea that there was a second. Due to the fact that I was travelling for over a month I wasn’t aware that my account continued to be charged. They changed names each time as well. I am embarrassed to say that I have been charged $980 for 5 containers that they will not take back. I managed to get a $280 refund but am waiting to have it appear in my account.
    Feeling like such a dupe. If anyone knows how to get my money back I would really love to know how.


    • So sorry!
      I suggest you contact your bank or card and tell them these charges were done without your approval. Depending on your Banking institution, they might or might not dispute for you. Either way I’d cancel the card and get a new one.
      Please read details in the Buyer Beware posts and the comments which have valuable information. Good luck .


  8. Hi!
    I just found this article because this JUST happened to me. Right now I have a temporary credit from my bank but I still need to submit the dispute. What do you suggest I write – I’m a bit confused as I DID authorize payment for the $4.95 charge and $1.99 (for a second item) ONLY – and ended up getting charged an additional $97.21 a& $92.30 14 days later (which were NOT authorized) and not only that – NOWHERE did it say there would be a full charge 14 days later.

    My bank options for the dispute are: Authorization cancelled but was still charged; Purchase authorized however have not received merchandise, Multiple Postings, Credit not applied to account, Amount of sale was increased from $ to $.


    • I’m so sorry this seem to continue to happen and it is more and more sofisticated, with new patterns!

      I highest you write in your dispute the truth, exactly WHAT you wrote here: you ONLY authorized payment for shipping and handling because this is WHAT they advertised: FREE trial, pay for shipping and handling ONLY!
      Generally the dispute process requires that first you try to resolve the dispute directly with the marchant and only after you are unsuccessful you ask your bank to dispute on your behalf. It is important to remember the date(s) when you spoke with representatives of the company.
      Since it seems these Companies change their names and locations, please share with us the name of the company you are disputing, so that others will avoid similar incidents.
      I suggest closing the present card and getting a new one, with different numbers.

      I have been observing new types of scams and will WRITE a comprehensive post in the NexT few days, updating the information so we, the public Could better protect ourselves! Please sign up for our complementary Newsletter if you wish to receive latest information and tips. Thank you for sharing your individual experience. It is important to keep a step ahead of these scammers! Knowledge IS power!
      Good luck!


  9. I got sucked into this scam and it cost me $300 cdn. Their customer service was rude and refused to refund me my money. I have returned the samples with the promise that I will get a refund within 24 hours of the product return. They will get the return package on Monday (yes, I can track it) Guess I will find out next week. 😦 so pissed off right now.


    • I’m so sorry and find it alarming that this scam seems to have expanded to other countries, not only the US.
      If I were you, even before you hear back from them, I’d call my bank, explain the situation and make sure they do not take more money out of your account. I think, they could refund your card even if the bank closes it and gives you a new card with new numbers, but ask your bank, to be sure. Good luck. Please keep us posted.


  10. I really appreciate you posting this, unfortunately I did not see it beforehand. I just got off the phone with customer service. It is all such crap as they fool you by not telling you the trial period is 14 days and then bang you pay $96! I will never be this foolish again. Sue


  11. I got scammed too. This isn’t only company unfortunately. Beware they sent me two products. I called to cancel but they only cancelled one. Got billed 90 some odd for second product. Called again they said nothing they could do have to return product to get refund. Product hadn’t even shipped yet but they were unable to stop it from being shipped. Yada yada yada….
    Other scam companies DesirBrillance, NueScience, Pericone MD and Keranique not to mention all the smart pills out there. Basically they all do the same thing. Tried and true scam technique.


    • Hi William,
      Thank you for sharing with us your experience and the names of other similar scamming companies. Truly, it is no longer about discovering the NAMES of the companies, but unfortunately, recognizing PATTERNS and applying strategies to protect ourselves. I will write a post about how to recognize such PATTERNS of scamming, rather than trying to exhaust the list of possible companies trying to rip off people. Thank you again.


  12. In March 2017, I too was scammed by this company and they passed on my credit card number and email address for the ‘Beauty’ magazine. I believe the price of the magazine was $23. USD. Luckily I noticed this right away on my cc statement and contacted the company and my credit card. Payment was cancelled.

    I am still in dispute with my credit card company for face cream. Yes, I authorized the payment of $4.95 for shipping, but at no time did I authorize payment for the cream.

    Considering the amount of earnings credit cards and banks are making off of us, they can do a little more to block these scammers from putting charges thru without our authorization. I will keep fighting and if my cc company makes me pay the $96. I will take my business elsewhere.

    Thank you to the originator of this blog.


    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Your story has a NEW element: the subscription to “Beauty!!!” In other words the scam is now even more complex and people’s information sold to third parties! This is terrible!
      You are correct, generally your credit card or bank after you are not able to recuperate your funds by directly contacting the company, would dispute for you. I cannot speak for others but I filed a complaint with my bank, explained the exact circumstances and that I was unable to get a refund, and my bank gave me a temporary refund. After they investigated and concluded my complaint was accurate, the refund became permanent. I do not know if the company refunded my bank or exactly what happened but my bank was fair and disputed for me.
      Could I ask, where are you located? It seems these scams are now global!
      I wish you good luck. Please let us know of any developments.


  13. I was luck enough to buy it through my Discover Card.
    After getting nowhere with the Company, I called Discover and they credited me with the purchase
    and fought for me. I got a full refund. Thank you for helping us.


    • You are very welcome. Glad it helped. Today I discovered the TYPE OF DECEIPT expanded and it is harder and harder to detect from the beginning. Everyone who would like to learn more about the various faces this scam could take, please read the post published on September 27, 17, Buyer Beware. The AMAZON Survey!
      Wishing you scam FREE shopping!!!


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  16. I’m sure these crooks are still at it. I got a teenie weenie sample and discovered the charge of $89.97. My credit card statement hasn’t even hit yet but I found it charged on my on-line statement when I went to my Discover account charged as Bon*Aging derma complex. The Discover rep gave me their number as 888-894-7243. These internet trolls were in the process of trying to put through another charge yesterday and today of $94.97 so they change up the amounts to fly under the radar when you request a stop be put on a certain amount.
    I told the aging creme rep…Kianna that I did not want their products and wanted ALL charges cancelled. She said that they had to be notified in 14 days or they were allowed to charge these extravagant amounts and you were basically put on auto-ship.

    I told her she must have had those terms in pin prick font because I say NOTHING stating those kind of terms.

    She said she would send me another product at a 30% discount. NO! She said she would credit 30% on my 11/09/17 charge which would STILL be an insane amount for a teenie tiny little container less that 1/2 an OZ. I told her she was working for a rip off company and I was disputing both amounts because they are scamming customers. Then she flippantly told me that they WIN ALL of their disputes because they send in the form with the IPN number (whatever THAT is) and she will give me a 50% discount on the $89.97 rip off charge and cancel all future shipments.

    I’m SO furious..I’m STILL going to dispute this…I KNOW I scoured over that website looking for a scam…so they hide it VERY well…and are totally emboldened to continue on with this rip off.


    • My suggestion is to call your card company and tell them you tried to stop the UNAUTHORIZED payments unsucessfuly. Discover is a good company. I am assuming they will temporarily refund you the disputed amount while they investigate on your behalf. I would also ask Discover to close this card and send you a new one. It is the only way to stop them!
      For tge future, get a pre-paid credit card with a low limit and use it exclusively for online purchases. At least they cant steal too much!
      These Companies change their names, the products they sell, the locations! Also post on as many boards as you could including Yelp. Feel free to share this link because the only way we Could protect the world against these criminals is to share as much as possible!
      Good luck and thank you for sharing with the community. Rodica


  17. Was billed over $400 before finding out this scam is going on. That was not the worst part, calling these scammers and getting handled by them and lied to by a bunch of trained tacticians was even worst. They’re low and try to drag you down in the mud with them. They right away stated I’ve refuted the charge and have my financial company contact them to brush me off the phone. They were the 1st call I had made and didn’t cancel their charge but these are tactic to only speak to companies that will get them paid. No transparency, complete SCAM and harmful to consumers. These people need to be investigate and stopped.


    • So sorry this continues and new ways to scam innocent people surface daily! I hope you cancelled your old credit card so they Could not continue to charge! Investigate through your credit card or bank. Good luck !


  18. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much it is almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic that’s been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!


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