New Year, 2013! News and Resolutions!

It’s hard to believe I started this blog two years ago and so much has

happened as a result of it. The most important thing of all, the publication of The Gypsy Saw Two Lives.

Today I received an unexpected 2012 Report from Word Press and I was pleased and shocked to see this blog has now a total of 4,425 views and of these, 1,800 in 2012, a year when the blog was not actually active until I realized people were still reading it and I started re-posting. According to the Word Press 2012 report the reders come from USA, closely followed by UK and South Africa, but the blog was read in a total of 88 countries. I am humbled by this unexpected news and also happy!

Meanwhile, the newer blog, started in the middle of 2012 has almost 800 views and what’s even better 59 shares, which means the information helped pet owners. That is the purpose of it!

The last few months have not been productive because I have worked intensely and to finish my Master’s in Counseling and Clinical Psychology and am pleased to have graduated!

My resolution for 2013 is to blog on a regular basis and bring you useful and entertaining information.

Thank you for taking from your busy days to reading my blogs and the best for 2013! Your quetions and comments are always encouraged and appreciated.

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