New Blog, New Theme as of June 4

Thank you to all  my friends, some whom I know, some whom I would love to know, who read Memoirs from My Two Lives.

 When I broke my ankle in December, I didn’t see any redeeming quality to what had happened and I blamed bad luck, as I am born on a 13th. However, I must admit that there would have been no other way to pin me down for almost three months. This time gave me the opportunity to write, unless I wanted to go crazy with boredom.

There is some good in everything that happens to us and the biggest  surprise was when I looked at the  blog stats and saw that almost 1,700 viewers chose to accompany me on this  journey,  and they were not my mother or my kids. I am divorced, so they weren’t my husband(s) either. But the time had come when that journey ended. I notice many people check daily for new postings and I miss blogging daily.

I  would lie to begin a more interactive blog on a lighter theme which would be of interest to many. Who didn’t have experiences with dating? Good, bad or funny?  

The new blog will be on the theme of: The Ups and Down of Dating.

 We all have good and bad experience when it comes to dating and I encourage and hope you to share your own stories. You may choose a pen name, if you would like to be anonimous, and your story  could be as short as 100 words or as long as 1,000. 100 words. No tragedies please. This is meant to be an upbeat blog where people laugh  and hopefully relate to our stories in some way.

The new blog will be  launched on  June 4, which will mark 30 years since I came to America, a date which is very meaningful for me, as I  lived exactly 30 years in Romania and 30 years in America!

The new blog:

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