Here Comes Temptation!!! Historical Romanian Petals of Roses Jem!!!

Several smart friends who know how to use ALL their senses, asked that I translate from Romanian, this delicious recipe, which I first pined on Pintrest!

Ingredients: 200 grams petals of roses (MUST be fragrant -Damascus type)

300 grams sugar

Lemon juice from one lemon

150 ml grams of water


First, wash the whole roses in cold water. Emerge them and shake off the water

Optional: Tear off the white foundation at the base of the rose (it is harder)

Separate the petals (detached them) Place the petal in a bowl, cover with 2-3 Tsp. of sugar and rub the sugar into the petals until their volume reduces.

Cover the remaining sugar and water, add the juice of one lemon and boil them, after removing the petals.

After the sugar mixture is melted, add the petals and boil a few more minutes until the syrup forms a rubbery consistency.

Place in jars and refrigerate.

When I were a child, my grandmother invited friends to a “teaspoon of rose petals dulceata” and a glass of cold water in mid-afternoon. It was an honor, a symbol of great friendship and way to socialize.

The fragrance of the ONE tsp. was so powerful, I could still remember it, 30 years later:))