Netflix Movies Review- Foreign Soap Opera Series:)

This week’s review is not the review of an overlooked treasure, but it is what I admit of watching at this time, so… here we go:)

I never watched soap operas, called in Europe “tele novella,” and I cannot recall the exact steps of how I started watching TERESA

Why am I reviewing it? Because it made me understand why so many people get caught up in watching soaps and love them! At least for me, was, still is, as I’m still not done watching the 120 episodes, a way to escape every day reality. Yes, it is silly and a possible waste of time, but also entertaining.

TERESA — summary:

The story of a stunning, sexy and smart young woman whose ambition is to raise above her getto origins. Her motto:

“Between being a nobody and being a somebody, I CHOOSE to be a somebody!”

Love, hate, cheating, ambition taken to the level of possible psychopathy, the rich, the blue bloods and the getto good people but also the evil people in all socio-economic situations. It makes my head spin…

With that in mind, I made a short pros and cons list.


If you already speak Spanish, it is great, as the episodes are subtitled. I don’t YET but the language is so clear, so beautiful, that it made me decide to learn Spanish. Spanish and my native language, Romanian, belong to the same group of Latin Languages. I could understand many of the words. Two stuck with me: “Credo,” which means “of course,” In Romanian ‘cred,” means I believe, of course. Also “tonto,” which means stupid, idiot,” and the Romanian slang is “tont.”

The other pros are the beauty of the actors, the fast pace action and light entertainment some of us need to escape reality and relax.

Well… these too, are a matter of perception and taste.
It is really up to you to decide, but now you know what to expect.

The acting is many times poor.
The director had some of the male characters repeatedly scratch their heads when in doubt or nervous. This happened so many times that it could make one wonder if they might have a nervous tick or lice or an allergy. It could be annoying, but also hilarious.
The same is true for the characters speaking to themselves ALOUD to make sure the audience “gets it.”

Should you watch this Mexican soap opera series?

It’s a choice, and it’s all yours, of course. “Credo.”

If you have any SUGGESTIONS of movies you watched and liked or disliked, please COMMENT.
Have a great movies evening!


Politically “Correct!” Is It Dumb, or… IS It Dumb???

With Thanksgiving  to be celebrated this week and Christmas around the corner, we are faced again with the life shattering question: Do I wish someone Happy Thanksgiving, or even more important, dare I say, “Merry Christmas?” May be, to be on the safe side I replace it all with “Happy Holidays!”

I found myself falling into this trap and buying stamps which illustrate a flower and not Mary and Jesus and buying cards which are either blank inside, so I could write my personal message, or say, ” Happy Holidays!” Well, this year I solved the problem, I’m cutting no more trees, I am NOT sending any cards. The money spend on cards could go to Salvation Army and help the poor regardless of which “holiday” they celebrate

I was already aggravated by the “Happy Holidays” dilemma, when I have noticed another general effort to make our society “politically correct.”

When I dial any commercial company I have the choice to press 1 for Spanish,  which I don’t, because I don’t need the service. Last week I called my health insurance company to compare  health plans. After going through all the computarized Aunt Judy’s of the world who, in a calm voice stated over and over “may be I could help you?” “Did you say…” No, no no please, I scream in a voice that makes Judy stop for a second, ” I NEED to speak to a HUMAN!”

At last I get a human. He is polite. I explain what I need, he responds back and we converse in ENGLISH for at least five minutes,  and I explain to him in detail my complex needs: I need to pay less for my health insurance! As we are in the mist of the conversation, speaking in ENGLISH,  suddenly he probably remembers the company’s training and asks me:  “Do you need a translator, or are you comfortable speaking in English?”

I am speechless! We have  been speaking in English for a while. I stated my needs, he replied. What does this mean, that some people are so brain-washed that they dare not use common sense  to judge:

If this person and I SPOKE in English for a while, clearly she speaks and understands English! If she didn’t, HOW would she even understand my asking, ‘do you need a translator?’ asked in ENGLISH?

As millions other American citizens,  I have an accent because I came to the U.S in my twenties. I also hold a B.A. in English and Romanian and am a translator. I also hold a M.S. in Counseling and Clinical Psychology from an accredited U.S. college, I am a publish author in English… I consider myself bilingual. If I didn’t speak English, I would have pressed ONE for Spanish which is spoken in Spanish by the computer voice at the beginning of the menu.

Why do we assume? I might be comfortable speaking Mandarin…
I am wondering what would he have done if I asked for a translator in  the Mandarin language?

I applaud the idea of politeness, of being aware of everyone’s needs but isn’t it taking it too far? After all we made a choice to be in America, perhaps it would be nice to make an extra effort and learn the language of the land?

Perhaps, if I have a cross as a necklace and I converse with someone in English for a while, “the assumption” could be, this person is a Christian, so wishing “Merry Christmas,” is appropriate, and if she spoke with me in English for ten minutes, it is okay to “assume,” the person does not need a translator.

In conclusion: People use your brains!

Oh! Happy Holidays”:) EVERYONE!