How To Deal With SPAM Comments!!!

I LOVE Spam comments! They teach me first hand what NOT to do and at the end of the day, I find them funny!

First, I must thank Word Press for their excellent computerized system, which prevents most spam comments to get in the “questionable q. line,” that I take the time to review.

Why do I take the time to read them?

Many times comments are in languages other than English. For instance, I found great comments written in Romanian, my native language, in the “ify” category, just because they were written in Romanian, it didn’t mean they were spam. They were valid comments which I “saved.”

Also,  it may come as a shock, but many people around the world do not write in good English, so I have to play the “guessing” game and respect the effort and make a judgement:


After almost five years of blogging, I developed an “eye” for fake comments and would like to share with other bloggers my observations.

In my opinion, spam could be divided in a few categories. Here there are a few:

1. The “vague” comment: “Great post! Keep-up the good job!”

2. The “critique” comment: ” Have others told you they have  problems with reading your blog, because the “text is running off the page???”

3. Many times THE SAME Site owner who told me they had a problem with text running off the page, would write another spam comment, telling me how “WELL” they could read the post and contradicting their previous statement.

4. The “I  clicked the notify button, and now I receive everyone’s comments, how do I stop it?” Well… there is NO “notify” button:)  so in your dream, click unfollow.

5. The worst kind are the sexual spam comments, the penis enlargement, Russian brides, wives who could be your next door neighbors ready to have discrete sex for a fee.

How do I know? Because I  TRY to click on each side from which a comment comes, to make sure the site is legitimate and it does not promote articles which are not in line with certain values I try to promote. Not that I have anything against large penises, but I will not promote them on my site. Sorry guys.

Some quick ways to scan spam:

Look if the comment comes in response to one of your MOST popular posts, but the comment has nothing to do with the topic. For instance, one of my posts has over 800 comments. It was a scheme I shared a while ago and which “touched” many. As a result many genuinely shared THEIR experiences, but that “triggered” the computerized spam machines too…

Determine if the comment is simply an advertisement for a product and again, it has NO connection to the topic of your post.

If someone comments “I LOVE the video,” on your site, and you did not post a video, that is a problem:)

Then, there are the spam comments asking you how to get rid of spam.

Oh well…I guess, read this post:)

In conclusion, spam, hacking, porn sites, are the down side of an active internet presence. If we don’t want the down side, there is the choice of not having profiles on various networks, or to  do what I’m attempting to do now, which is notice the funny side of the annoying while learning to  limit and deal with it.

Check Out My NEW Instagram at RodicaMihalis — some Blog updates/info/contact info

Just managed to open an Instagram account a few days ago. NOT sure how, as my technical skills are ZERO. However, I THINK I DID:)) but think the name is Rodicamihalis (my name, very inventive!!!)

Many of you ask for images to accompany my posts.

The reason there are so few images on the blog, is because I operate this blog on a “trial and error basis,” more errors… when it comes to technology.

COMMENTS and how they work

Word Press protected this blog so far from over 22,000 plus spam comments. I do NOT see those comments.

Some of the comments go to my bin and I read them to determine if they are REAL or SPAM or advertising for a company, a COMPUTER generated general comment, applicable to any situation.


I allow ONLY comments clearly related to the TOPIC at hand.

The Buyer Be Aware series of posts, which reached 533 views in ONE DAY, continues to be very popular. PLEASE stop sending comments about how to get VIAGARA or sexualy explicit sites “pretending” to have read these posts.  You are wasting your time and mine.


The comment about the “group of volunteers,” about “great job admin, or YOU GUYS etc. the guy reading my blog and sipping coffee (really???)”

I am ONE WOMAN, WOMAN, ONE not man, not admin. I have a good memory. If I get the same comment three times… I REMEMBER:))

I am a writer. I write this blog for FREE and if you are bothered by typos and do not read the valuable information which will change your life, FREE, then do NOT write me you have found a typo. That’s too bad, please, simply do not read my blog. If your blog looks like mine, may be the design, as it is a WordPress blog, but the CONTENT is UNIQUE and judging by what the readers share, very helpful. It is a VERSATILE blog, it won an award for it. It cannot be like yours.

If and when I start charging, I will afford proof-readers, pictures etc.

For now, it takes me HOURS of  FREE research to write some of the posts and I fault  spending time in favor of VALUABLE content.

With the blog having reached well over 22,070 views and excellent ratings, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for following the blog and sharing,  also for acknowledging that my FREE work helps you in your daily lives.  It means the world to me.



Oh my contact info:



Clarification Regarding Valid Comments, Spam, or Computer Generated Comments

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving constructive messages which will continue to improve the site and benefit us all.

I feel it is necessary to clarify a few points regarding how the comments are selected and the responses you may or may not receive.

1.My blogging platform, Word Press is an exceptional place to share your ideas. I appreciate the team’s hard work and their security system which so far protected my blog against OVER 6,550 spam emails or attacks.

2. Sometimes I receive a “spam q” and I DO read those emails. If they come from sites which promote PORNOGRAPHY I DELETE them. I also delete emails which kept repeating themselves and are clearly COMPUTER GENERATED.

If someone clicked SHARE ALL comments I cannot and may NOT change their settings. If this happens, please contact a computer specialist on the Word Press Team. I cannot change your settings.

I recently updated “ABOUT RODICA” the icon at TOP LEFT of all my posts. Please read it for contact information. 

I am thankful for your support and kind words.

However, because of the number of comments received lately, I felt a moral obligation to clarify the above points concerning messages and comments. If you wish info on a particular topic, please ask me and if I am qualified to write a post on the topic of interest, I will.

Thank you all. I hope this blog helped a few people and will continue to help more and more.

My best wishes,