Beauty Tip Friday (4) Gylcolic Acid and Vitamin C skin treatments

What is the difference between an alpha hydroxy acid (Glycolic acid) and a vitamin C treatment?

How to use each and WHEN to use them.

The two, are both beneficial to our skin but in very different ways. This is why it is important to know the differences and use them to our maximum benefit.

Glycolic ( alphlic acia hydroxy acid) derived from sugar cane, is a powerful EXFOLIANT. Used properly, it will clean clogged pores, break down the dirt and sebum accumulated in the top layer of your skin and reveal the clean, new, bright and healthy new skin.

How to use glycolic acid properly.

If you decide to have professional glycolic acid peels, please make sure they are performed by a licensed esthetician an/or in a doctor’s office. Also make sure you PREP your skin prior to the professional treatment.

What does this mean?

For at least two weeks prior to a professional glycolic peel, which has a very high percentage of glycolic acid, as compared to over the counter products, USE a glycolic acid in a lower percentage, to get your skin used gradually. Professional estheticians and/or doctors, will PROVIDE PREP KITS and instruct you how to use them.

Consequences of using glycolic acid improperly, include redness, irritation and may result in more pigmentation to the skin.


Because glycolic acid and sun do not do well together, I always suggested to my clients to have their biannual professional glycolic professional peels in winter and fall, when there is minimal sun exposure.

For maximum benefit, I suggest using between the professional peels, a glycolic acid of lower concentration and not in combination with other ingredients. Use those separately.

Vitamin C Treatments —

Vitamin C, is a collagen booster and powerful antioxidant. NOT an exfoliant, as is the glycolic acid.

In other words, they perform different functions and used correctly will both benefit your skin.

What is collagen? Collagen is a protein and it helps maintain our skin firm. Applying vitamin C to the skin promotes collagen production and as a result improves the firmness of our skin.

Always use an SPF cream when exposed to the sun, but unlike the glycolic acid, vitamin C treatments may be performed during the summer when we are exposed to the sun.

What I suggest, is to have your glycolic peel before the sunny seasons. As a result, your skin will be exfoliated and clean.
Have your vitamin C treatment a month or more AFTER the glycolic peel, because in this way the vitamin C will penetrate your exfoliated skin easier and thus be more efficient.

In conclusion, both the glycolic acid and vitamin C used properly are beneficial for our skin.

Glycolic is an excellent exfoliant, while vitamin C boosts collagen formation, which firms our skin and is a powerful antioxidant.


Enjoy your beautiful skin!

Beauty Tips Friday (2)

For those who are catching up with us, every Friday, I will post a tip about skin care and share my knowledge as a licensed esthetician with you.

When I figure out how to add  videos to illustrate things such as facial massage, it would be a miracle day. I am working on it!

The importance of cleaning your facial/ neck skin the correct way.

Clean your facial skin only twice a day, when you wake up, in the A.M. and before you go to sleep, in the evening.

Why only twice a day?  Depending on your skin TYPE, over washing may stimulate your sebacious glands (oil glands) and you may end up with oilier skin trying to wash off the oil. Excess oil  may result in acne or black heads. If your skin is dry, you may end up with dry patches or irritated skin.

Make sure you REMOVE YOUR MAKE UP (make up remover will be addressed in a different post) before you wash your face.

I have seen women going to bed with make up to look pleasing to the partner sleeping next to them. If I were you, I’d rather make sure I brush and floss my teeth and make sure my face is clean and moisturized and I, as a whole smell well. The smell sense is more powerful in the semi-darkness of a bedroom.

How to wash your face correctly for best results

Do NOT USE SOAP, as soap removes the good oils from your skin. Make sure you also wash all the way to your hairline and also your neck. These parts are many times neglected.

After you wash, you may use a gentle, fruit exfoliator, or no more than twice a week, mix  1 tsp of baking soda and a 1/2 tsp. honey  (raw is best) and  little water to make a paste and exfoliate using circular motions. DO NOT OVERDO. Rinse well and after finishing exfoliating  use a good moisturizer for your skin type.

The best time to exfoliate when washing your face is at night, followed by a restorative sleep.

Enjoy your refreshed, natural skin and remember you are beautiful without make-up, especially in the middle of the night, when your skin, just as the whole of you, needs to rest and rejuvenate. Brush your teeth and floss, rather than wearing make up in the dark.tmp_20519-image-385207892


Beauty and Aging! Should We Use Cosmetics?

A few minutes ago I read a few very interesting comments on a Facebook feed about Beauty Products. Some swear by the use of Dove soap, some like vitamin C and Retinol, some are of the opinion that nothing works and we should age as God intended us to age.

Since I hold a license in Esthetics (PA) I felt like voicing my opinion and sharing what I know, but my comment was turning into an essay. I decided to write this post and if anyone in that discussion group would like to ask any questions, please feel free. I do not sell anything and will not say I know something if I don’t.

Our skin is our largest organ. Perhaps, vanity aside, God intended that we take care of our body, health, and not suffer at the hand of… dry skin (itching) or  allergies or oily skin and the resulting black heads, or white heads.

I started commenting on Facebook about products and pricing. 

It is not a rule that expensive is better. Why?  Let’s take “Private Label Companies.” What does this mean?  Large facilities, make contracts with various vendors and package the same creams in containers bearing the label of the  various vendors, but the containers are filled with the same cream.  Of course, we are in a free economy, and each vendor will price the products differently.

How to solve the problem?

READ the ingredients. Make sure the active ingredients are  listed in the highest percentage.

Make sure, if you buy a new product, you TEST behind your ear overnight, to make sure you are not allergic.

Many years ago, I bought a book called: “Take Me To The Counter.” I should probably re-purchase it (I hope it’s still available, isn’t everything available on Amazon?) Anyway, what I remember from this excellent book was to make sure I UNDERSTOOD the listed ingredients. In other words, if the names of the ingredients looked like long chemical formulas, to think again before purchasing the product.

Now, that I am inspired, next Friday, I will write a post about different types of skin and how each needs a different type of care.

Feel free to ask your questions.


I thought I will be able to finish this post today, but the MORE I researched, the MORE I discovered just how many things are dubious about these so called “skin care companies, the “combo FREE TRIAL!!! (Wink, wink) they offer, and its  potential consequences for your bank account!

I will finish this post tomorrow, as I wish it to be as accurate and informative as possible and provide consumers with useful information and best sources to resolve any similar situations. Meanwhile, if you are about to sign up for a “free trial” from Skin DM/RejuvaGlow “combo,” THINK again!

In going on their web page an hour ago, I read an announcement:

“Skin DM and RejuvaGlow are OUT OF STOCK!!!  (Imagine that!!!!)

Now “THEY” (same experts) recommend a NEW combo:


My guess: 

People discovered the truth behind the Skin DM and RejuvaGlow  “free trial,” and the name needed to be changed.

Just an educated guess.

Please read tomorrow’s post for your own protection!

I will  provide links to how and where to make  complaints for maximum efficiency!

Few things  outrage me more than  injustice and taking advantage of people’s trust.  Tomorrow’s story is a combination of both and more!