This Weekend Movie Suggestion: Netflix – The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies- APPEARANCES ARE DECEIVING…

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies is the perfect movie to watch on a rainy weekend like this… Especially if, perhaps, like me, you need to be reminded at times that many times evil comes in “normal,” or externally beautiful ways. Appearances are deceiving!

The movie, a BBC production based on real events, starring Jason Watkins,
is nothing short of extraordinary! His performance, so nuanced, I wondered how or whom did Watkins study to reach such perfection!

Jefferies, a retired school teacher of 34 years, whose “only fault” was eccentricity, is wrongly accused of murdering a young woman and hounded by media and misjudged by society on no real grounds.

A young man, who looked “normal” by the standards of our society, is overlooked at first but ultimately judged and punished as the real killer.

However, Jefferies life was already ruined: He was no longer welcomed to participate in activities dear and meaningful to him and many of those who befriended, turn their backs on him.
The emotional consequences are devastating! Jefferies, a kind, peaceful human being is forced to turn into a determined fighter in the name of ALL “the Jefferies” of the world, good people who are assumed guilty just because they are different from what our culture considers “normal.”

This masterpiece reminded me of the children’s Bear Family Book Series, specifically the book in which Mama Bear teaches the cubs about hidden dangers and deceiving appearances. She demonstrates how deceiving beauty could be by showing the cubs a beautiful, on the outside perfect, healthy apple. When she cuts it, the inside is brown and rotted…

There are many layers of messages in this exceptional movie, delivered through multiple channels of communication. Peter Morgan, who wrote it, delivered a powerful message, and each word is a jewel. However, Watkins’ acting is so nuanced, his facial expressions and body language so convincing, I felt I needed to watch the movie again and turn off the sound to focus on the images.

Next time I am tempted to judge “different” and assume it is “evil,” or “less,” or “wrong,” I will remember this movie which is based on true events. An official “Letter of Exonoration” is not enough to mend the tragic consequences of false accusations. It is easy to misjudge based on appearances and hard to ignore what our culture has taught us is normal!

Please share your opinion and/or story if you have a personal event when appearances were deceiving and led to unpleasant consequences. Food for thought…
Have a cozy weekend!

Rodica Mihalis, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology
Life’s Crossroads and Wellness Coaching

Netflix Movie Review: NIGHTCRAWLER- Overooked Treasures

Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, which marks the directorial debut of Dan Gilroy, could only be described as SUPERB!

This 2014 (R) production of Bold Films, has more than earned its FIVE- STAR RATING, especially if you are, like me, a Netflix fan and like movies in which the characters’s development exceeds expectations, yet remains credible.

From the start, the viewers are allowed to discover the essence of the main character, brilliantly played by Jake Gyllenhaal, yet, we are unable to guess just how far he would be willing to go in reaching his desire for power and fame.

Charming, manipulative, loving, but ruthless and certainly surprising! There are so many facets to this character that one could write an entire thesis, but than, watching the movie would be spoiled.

The main character, in the beginning a ruthless common thief, quickly discovers and understands the lucrative business of shooting sensational events in Los Angeles and selling them to a local news channel. What kind of events? They range from fires to… murder! What it takes to be number one in this cut-throat “industry? The movie captures the essence of what I believe could be the truth, but this is a matter of opinion!

Nightcrawler was nominated for the 87th Academy Award for Best Original Screen Play.
An more than deserving nomination

This outstanding movie could be found by searching the following categories: Drama, Thriller, Independent Thriller, or just the title.

Happy viewing and don’t forget to share your opinions and comment!