Beauty Tip Friday (5) Home-made exfoliator


For readers who are catching up with us, Beauty Tip Friday is a weekly post featuring one easy beauty tip or sharing information on the proper use of common beauty products for maximum benefits.

Home-made exfoliator

Most of us have the ingredients necessary for this exfoliator in our kitchens already: baking soda, commonly used in baking and also to absorb unwanted smells in refrigerators, honey, to sweeten our drinks/foods in healthy ways, and essential oils, such as lavender, to help us relax thanks to their wonderful fragrance. I always keep a bottle of tea tree essential oil at hand, as it fights acne and has powerful antibacterial properties. DO NOT use tea tree essential oil on its own before you READ and UNDERSTAND the instructions on your specific bottle, as it is a very strong oil and needs to be used properly.

Ingredients needed for exfoliation:

1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 honey (raw is best, but I used regular honey with good results)
1 drop lavender or tea tree oil, depending on your skin type and personal preferences

Little water to make paste of right consistency (not too dry or too watery)

In glass or porcelain bowl, using a wooden spoon (NOT PLASTIC or METAL) mix well all the above ingredients.

Apply paste on your clean, moist skin and gently, in circular motions, massage the paste into your skin for no more than five minutes. Avoid the skin around your eyes, as it is sensitive and it requires a different type of care.

RINSE face well with luke-warm water. For maximum results you may follow by spraying your freshly exfoliated face with cool, rose water or simply with cool water and follow with an appropriate moisturizer, depending on the time of the day or evening. I grow mint in my garden and keep in the refrigerator a spray bottle in which I poured water in which I first boiled and steeped fresh mint leaves before placing the minty water in the spray bottle. The mint is very diluted, but it still smells great. Regardless the time of the day, it always feels refreshing to spray your face with cool, mildly minty water. Your pets, would love it too, especially on a hot summer day. Always AVOID the EYES area, keep your eyes closed:)

Before trying any new products do a patch test behind your ear to observe any possible negative reactions and allergies. If you have questions on how to test, or any questions or suggestions, remarks, please comment on our site.

Enjoy your fresh, beautiful skin and have a nice weekend!

Rodica M.

PA Licensed Esthetician

Colds, Cough, Stuffy Nose– Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for colds, cough, stuffy nose— it is the season and here there are a few old time natural remedies from Romania!

Several of my friends have lingering colds, stuffy noses and cough…

In an attempt to help them, I remembered that back home, in my native country of Romania, my grandmother was helping us by using natural products. Cough syrup… no, the pharmacy… no, antibiotics…no!

Before she would even think that far, if ever, these were a few of the natural remedies used from Biblical times: honey, garlic, basil, red wine (if you are an adult) , olive oil used in salads but also in small quantities (1 teaspoon full in the morning and one at night-MAXIMUM, said to help with overall health)

To write this post, I  also consulted some Romanian sites, to refresh my childhood memories: and

What follows are a few Eastern European natural remedies that may help you. 

As always, please consult with your health care professional and be aware of certain personal allergies, you may have. 

A Common Cause of a Cough that Lingers may be…

The dry air in your home, or the air conditioning. To rule out this cause, take two hot steamy showers every day, or boil water, remove off the stove. Sat pan on table and put in the boiling water a few drops or leaves of mint or basil. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam no longer than 5 minutes. It is best to do the inhalations in the evening and not go out in the cold after you do them.

Also, use a humidifier. In addition, you may put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a tissue and keep close to your nose. It helps with stuffy noses.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, to hydrate your body.

Garlic is a known natural remedy–  It is recommended to eat 2 garlic cloves a day.

I like it prepared as follows: Place the cloves in foil and bake at 350 F until the inside of the cloves is soft. The inside of the cloves could be easily squeezed out. Place the soft garlic paste on fresh bread and eat warm. Delicious!!!

Foods that help heal colds:

Chicken Soup!!! Yes, indeed, chicken soup (for the soul or not) has been shown to truly aid in the healing of colds. Drink it! Eat soft foods, that do not irritate your throat. Drink warm NOT HOT teas. Hot will irritate your throat.

Gargle with salt, warm water (a teaspoonful of salt to a glass of warm water) DO NOT SWALLOW.

Honey is a known remedy and it could be used on its own, or in various combinations:

Honey and lemon juice. Mix the two and drink a sip every time you cough. DO NOT eat or drink anything for 20 minutes.

Clean, peel the outside of an onion, cut in pieces and cover with honey. Leave overnight and eat the next day. It will help heal your cough and cold.

If you have a persistent cough, try grating horseradish, place it in a piece of clothe and apply to chest. REMOVE IF IT BURNS.

Personally, I prefer a compress with menthol. I apply a Vicks type menthol cream to the chest, I cover with a towel (yes, it gets messy, but it feels good) I cover with a warm bag of herbs or anything warm. Make sure it is NOT TOO HOT, TO PREVENT BURNING. The smell of menthol and the warmth will soothe you. Do not keep for more than ten minutes. Take a break and repeat if necessary.

This natural remedy I used myself when I suffered from lingering colds accompanied by cough and aches which would not go away: Brandy and honey, a few drops of lemon juice. Mix well and make sure you don’t get drunk, in which case… we all know the rest!

In conclusion, if you have a cold, cough, stuffy nose, try natural remedies first, but always remember our bodies are unique and what helps one, sometimes does not help another. Use your common sense and consult your health care professional and…1400793230155 your grandmother.