What to Do When Everyone Around You Tells You, You Are Crazy, or Stupid, anything to Make YOU Loose Your Self-Confidence

I come from the Eastern European culture and for reason unknown to me, most of the parents form my parents’generation believed that if they told their kids how stupid or unworthy they were, that, NOT praise, would make them tougher, smarter, better fit for the blows of life that ¬†would come, whether you are strong, week or an idiot.
This story I remember from my childhood and I never grasped its full meaning, or I didn’t want to… here it is:

In an office there was a boss and four employees. The boss, a little vain, always wear expensive hat. Perhaps to him it symbolized power, as no one else in the office was allowed to wear hats.

One day, disgusted by his vanity, the four employees planned revenge! They plotted to teach him a lesson.
They decided to buy several identical hats of smaller and smaller sizes and while the boss was not looking, to replace his real hat with a smaller and smaller one.

After a few days, worried, the boss asked them: “Do you notice something about my head?”

“Well… dared one,: it seems bigger than before..

A few weeks later, the boss was so upset, he gave up wearing a hat for fear he will find out his head grew even bigger!Just thinking of the consequences devastated him.

After another few weeks, his secretary, an old flame, had pity of him. See… she still had feelings. So,before Christmas, she took him to the hat store and asked for the size he regularly worn.

He tried it on, and it fit perfectly:

“O Thank you God!” The boss exclaimed!” My head is normal again! “

The secretary smiled and thought of the power she had over him and his shrinking hats any time she wanted.

tell, or do something to someone long enough, if they are weak, they will believe you and quit.
If they are not, watch out, they will fight and prove you wrong.
One never knows who is which type until it is too late and it matters no more! 

The real moral: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!>