Answers to This Blog’s Computer Generated Comments (Part II)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for following my blog and for taking the time to comment.

Many colleague bloggers  continue to ask  if I encounter ANY of these problems. These are RARE comments, but because they exist and other colleagues ask if I run into them, I decided to share the truth of the  computer generated comments…as I am suspicious of them, and hope the information that follows will be useful to many.

As you know, the goal of my posts is to bring you stories and facts which hopefully will not only help you in your daily lives, but do it in an entertaining way. Everything shared is true and it represents a personal point of view, so, it may or it may not be shared by everyone. As the saying goes, ‘one cannot be all things to everyone all the time, but some things to some people, some of the time.’

Judging by a  great majority of comments, I am happy to let you know that the goal seems to be accomplished and indeed most of the readers confirm that they  benefit from subscribing (following)  this blog. Schemes have been discovered and hopefully stopped, practical tips on, for instance,  how to improve one’s credit, or donate money to a favorite charity and make sure it reaches who or what one intended, or, tips on dating a younger man, one of the most popular posts. I guess love is close to our hearts… even on the internet.

However, once in a while, because I am ONE PERSON doing it ALL, I feel that writing a post about ‘ computer generated comments,’ is the best, most efficient way to clarify certain questions asked by fellow bloggers.

Honestly, I do try to read and answer each comment. I must thank Word Press for protecting the blog from a majority of computer generated comments because I lack the technical abilities necessary to administer the blog. I also have to confess, I am dyslexic, which makes it even more challenging to be  ‘perfect.’ I am a writer. That’s it… ONE woman who does it all imperfectly, because I am also not computer generated literate, but an totally imperfect  human. I promise, I do my best.

Rarely I receive comments which note that there are some typos in the posts. Well… yes, there are typos and only if I  start charging  for the content, which takes me hours of research, and judging by a majority of readers’ comments, HEPLS in people’s everyday life,  I will have the funds available to hire a proof reader (but I am NOT!)  All that comes to mind is to suggest,  that if someone is offended by typos,  please stop reading the blog. I will not be offended.

There are a few comments which indicate that the site “loads slow,” and ask if “other readers,” have the same “problem?” The ONLY problem is that right UNDERNEATH such  comments, there are 5-6 comments which praise the platform that I use for how FAST it loads. Such contradictory comments, with a vast majority affirming that the site loads just fine, make me believe that something doesn’t add up… and I believe the 5-6 comments letting me know the site loads just fine. Yes, along the lines of being human, again…

Another small category of comments, starts by saying the person dropped the phone in the toilet, or a mother went to the shore with a baby and something pinched the baby and she (the mother) had to “share with somebody,” and she knew her story had nothing to do with a post about schemes or dating, or insomnia, but “she just had to share,” with ME. If I check the name of the originating site of the writer of such comments, many times, the originating site sells viagara or is a porn site… Just like the people who just HAVE to share and found ME as the recipient of their confession, I, in my turn, have to confess that I do NOT post comments sent from any type of sexually explicit sites. Not in that market, lol.

What else? Oh, yes, the comments written in poor English. While I post comments which have ‘typos,’ just because I commiserate with everyone who is dyslexic, I would not post a comment which has no connection to the post commented upon, and all it provides in the ‘comment,’ is  a link to their site.

Then, there were a few comments praising the ‘sound quality,’ in the post. Wow!!! Well… wow! the posts have NO sound track and rarely have images. Why? Confession,again, because my technical abilities are not a strength of this one woman show…

What else? Oh yes, the very long comments which to make sure one of the words used hits the meaning, simply take our good old friend, the dictionary, and write ALL the meanings given to a word, may be, just may be, ONE is the correct meaning. Another confession, such comments, when the Word Press ‘protector’ doesn’t protect me, is sent to ‘delete permanently.’

The last category I would like to mention, ‘how do I FOLLOW’ your blog. Again, thanks to my lack of technical abilities, since hundreds of people do follow the blog, I assume that if the icon called ‘follow,’ is chosen and thank you very much, one clicks on it, then one will receive an email when a new post is published. Then, there is the opposite, someone clicked ‘follow’ but now asks me to ‘un-follow,’ because they receive everyone’s comments… I am very sorry but I don’t have the ability to manipulate anyone’s accounts. Frankly, personally I would feel violated in my rights of privacy if suddenly I am unsubscribed from a blog or newsletter by someone else, but myself. When I decide to unsubscribe to anything, I look all the way down the page. Generally, in small print, there is an icon, ‘unsubscribe.’ I click on it and is not guaranteed, but generally, it works.100_0502

I hope now, that I shared these ‘secrets,’ you will not unsubscribe, and we will continue together on a life journey, which I do my very best to make useful and humanly typo-less (is there such a word?) and most importantly, USEFUL.

Wishing everyone a great weekend, and please know that I appreciate everyone’s human comments and especially when we all learn from one another, as it was the situation of Buyer Beware! The DM Face Creams, which has THREE updates, as the scheme seems to still be alive, but hopefully not well!

Best wishes,