Buyer BEWARE! How to Protect Ourselves Against ALL SCAMS

Scams! They could be dating, IRS or skin care products, in other words, no area is OFF LIMITS FOR SCAMMERS!!!

The beginning of my involvement with “scams,” was back in 2013 when I decided to share with my readers what happened to me, so it would not happen to them too!

At the time, I posted about an unfortunate and costly experience I had when I was naive enough to believe that a product would be mailed to me as a “trial,” for the cost of the shipping and handling only, a reasonable $4.95, but once the company had my credit card number, they started charging monthly amounts, close to $92.95 and not a one time $4.95!

We are now in 2017 and 1,600 comments later, of which approximately are about other people’s experiences of being scammed, I decided to revisit the topic in an attempt to share for everyone’s benefit what I have learned in the last four years from you, the people who cared enough to share their experiences, so that others might be spared the financial and emotional distress, and also what I continued to experience personally in the area of the never ending scamming world we live in!

At first, I attempted to write about a comprehensive list of a majority of companies to avoid. Their names and how they operate. Soon, I discovered these companies CHANGE THEIR NAMES once enough people become aware of their operation. At that point it became useless to even try and compile a list of probable scammers.

Given the proliferation of such businesses, there are a few easy ways to protect ourselves against ALL SCAMS. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but here are a few suggestions:

1. Buy a PREPAID CREDIT CARD with a small limit and use that card exclusively for your internet purchases. By doing this, at least you avoid large losses.
2. Do business and purchase only through reputable companies which will stand behind the companies they represent. The two reputable umbrella companies that come to mind are Groupon and Amazon.
3. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Once I purchased a beautiful, inexpensive jacket from an unknown company. The jacket arrived as expected, but two weeks later, my credit card number was used outside the U.S. and purchases of over $1,000 were made.
4. It is important to belong to a good bank or credit union. What do I mean by it? Over the years, many people reported that their financial institutions refused to dispute in their name. A good financial institution, after you, personally, try and fail to resolve the issue, will stand with you and investigate the issue.
5. If you used a card with a high limit and not as suggested a prepaid card with a small limit, IMMEDIATELY report to your financial institution and have them send you a NEW CARD with new numbers.

A few words about phone scams.

Honestly, in order to be scammed by phone, one MUST first answer the phone. My logic is simple: If it is legitimate and important, they will leave a message. Of course, some scammers have the nerve to leave threatening messages.If you receive such a message, consult with someone you trust about the message or report it to your local authorities.

I guess, I am running out of tips:) but I hope the above helps and I encourage you to continue and share with the community YOUR OWN PREVENTION TIPS and stories.

To a safer world!

Buyer Beware Part III- The Alluracell Skin Care- RejuvSkin/Epicflow-LLSDeluxeeye-Advance Vitamin C– Is There a Connection???



imageIf you were interested  and were helped by the information in the Buyer Beware articles published in August, 2013,  and all the valuable hundreds of comments, you might be interested in reading this article on  is there a connection between Alluracell  skin care “trial” and Rejuv—?  and possibly all the other “free trials” above?

Same “FREE TRIAL,” that costs you money over and over again? Same scam, different names? Read on and you be the judge…

On December 17, 2015, you guessed, right before Christmas, next to my Facebook page several advertisements popped up. I generally ignore them, but when it comes to skin care, I must confess, I have a weakness, rooted not only in vanity but also in the fact that I am an esthetician and as part of this blog I write a post in which I share free   information in the field.

The skin care line advertised was Alluracell!

Three products, all in elegant, professional containers. The Alluracell Skin Restore was a “trial,” shipping and handling ONLY: $ 4.97.

The second product, Alluracell Eye Restore, was also a “trial,” at $5.97.

The third product, Alluracell Vitamin C Gel was offered at a discount for $34.97.

Please note the name: ALLURACELL was written on all the containers.


Not until I  checked my credit card statement and noticed I was charged by three different companies and worse, 14 days after the three charges, none by the name of Alluracell, I was charged AGAIN.

The charge of 89.97  to my credit card was by Epicflw/REJUVSKIN! I complained to my credit card company on time to stop a second “Alluracell” charge to go through, under a name other than Alluracell!  

After by credit card inquired  EpicFlow/REJUVSkin about the unauthorised charge of 89.87 they promptly refunded my card. I am still unclear if  this is the same REJUVA involved with the unfortunate events of 2013? 

What is different in 2016 and how things improved:

 Following the call from my credit card company the “free trial” company called “EpicFlow/Rejuvskin promptly refunded my card. While I was not notified before they charged me $89.97, after my credit card called, I received an email, informing me of the refund and asking:



Thanks to the prompt help of my credit card company, no other unauthorized charges were made, but one was attempted!

Do I have questions? YES, I DO and NO I will not ask you in private:

  1. I purchased three products from Alluracell. Why there are three different companies involved?
  2. None of the charges on my card were made by Alluracell but by three different companies, under different names. Why? One is located in California (EpicFlw/REJUVSKIN.) TWO are in Nevada (LLS DeluxeEye) and Advance Vitamin C. NONE is Alluracell!!!
  3. Nowhere, that I could find, it is disclosed that unauthorized charges will be made by ALL these  three companies after 14 days, or ever!  
  4.  Why does each product have a different customer service telephone number?
  5.  Why is the print on the containers written in small print on transparent container and impossible to read?  
  6.   Did YOU purchase any of these products? Please share your experiences to help others!