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Just managed to open an Instagram account a few days ago. NOT sure how, as my technical skills are ZERO. However, I THINK I DID:)) but think the name is Rodicamihalis (my name, very inventive!!!)

Many of you ask for images to accompany my posts.

The reason there are so few images on the blog, is because I operate this blog on a “trial and error basis,” more errors… when it comes to technology.

COMMENTS and how they work

Word Press protected this blog so far from over 22,000 plus spam comments. I do NOT see those comments.

Some of the comments go to my bin and I read them to determine if they are REAL or SPAM or advertising for a company, a COMPUTER generated general comment, applicable to any situation.


I allow ONLY comments clearly related to the TOPIC at hand.

The Buyer Be Aware series of posts, which reached 533 views in ONE DAY, continues to be very popular. PLEASE stop sending comments about how to get VIAGARA or sexualy explicit sites “pretending” to have read these posts.  You are wasting your time and mine.


The comment about the “group of volunteers,” about “great job admin, or YOU GUYS etc. the guy reading my blog and sipping coffee (really???)”

I am ONE WOMAN, WOMAN, ONE not man, not admin. I have a good memory. If I get the same comment three times… I REMEMBER:))

I am a writer. I write this blog for FREE and if you are bothered by typos and do not read the valuable information which will change your life, FREE, then do NOT write me you have found a typo. That’s too bad, please, simply do not read my blog. If your blog looks like mine, may be the design, as it is a WordPress blog, but the CONTENT is UNIQUE and judging by what the readers share, very helpful. It is a VERSATILE blog, it won an award for it. It cannot be like yours.

If and when I start charging, I will afford proof-readers, pictures etc.

For now, it takes me HOURS of  FREE research to write some of the posts and I fault  spending time in favor of VALUABLE content.

With the blog having reached well over 22,070 views and excellent ratings, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for following the blog and sharing,  also for acknowledging that my FREE work helps you in your daily lives.  It means the world to me.



Oh my contact info:



Computer Generated Comments – How to detect them, if Akismet didn’t “catch” them first

This post is in response to the many questions from readers about  HOW I PROTECT MY BLOG AGAINST COMPUTER GENERATED COMMENTS and how, we, as bloggers “protect our blogs against these time consuming, at times funny comments.

My first statement needs to be that what follows is only my personal experience and if you could add to this list, please share with us.

Akismet, the Word Press computer protection robot (I assume) protected this blog 10,546 times. Thank you Akismet. After this initial “screening”, at this time, there are 682 comments in my “spam” line,” and about 12 in “moderation.”

Dilemma number 1: Do I read all 682 spam comments. It is not guaranteed they are ALL spam, and it happened many times they were not. It is your personal decision to read spam or “Delete permanently.” Same with the comments which are in the moderation line. That means, our friend Akismet wasn’t sure of the nature of the comment and send it to us, the humans with real brains to make an executive decision!

What I have noticed:

I have been blogging since December of 2010. The first about 100 posts on this blog turned into a published book, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives. It had a very distinct focus. After the book was published at the end of 2011, I stopped blogging. Then I noticed many visitors were still checking the blog. So I started to write, literally about LIFE, the ups and downs as experienced directly by me. The only focus was, is and will be, could what I write help others and hopefully make them smile. The focus is LIFE as seen by this author.

A few months ago, I was awarded Most Versatile Blog by my fellow-bloggers. According to my Stats 5 topics are covered in these posts.

The blog was growing at a comfortable pace, but then, I wrote a post about a personal experience, a scheme on the internet.

The post was entitled: Buyer Be Aware; Part II and it received 533 views in ONE DAY and people started to comment, sharing their personal experiences. We believe that we, the commentators and post on this blog saved money for a lot of people.

Oh, but wait, the comments kept increasing. Now the blog is read by people from 10-12 countries. The top five, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany etc.

Here is a clue: I believe the computer generated comments start when a “computer” tells whoever, that your blog received a huge amount of views a day. That day, when the blog received 533 views was the key to the problem, because it is a problem.

I have not yet discovered a way to protect the blog from these comments, if our friend Akismet didn’t, but here are a few “tips” I hope will be helpful.

 If you decide to read the” iffy” comments (left by Akismet up to you, to “judge”.) 

 –Look for repeated comments —if the SAME exact comment repeats three times after you approved it once and is already in your comments, it’s official: it’s either computer generated or written by someone with an intellectual disability, who forgot they asked. One of the other commentators made this remark in a way I wouldn’t:”Is it me, or are some comments made by people with half brains?”  Frankly, I think you are a computer, and not a nice one, so your place is in “Delete permanently.”

– Look for patterns — I noticed a few: The comments that are short and general: “Great blog! Keep up the great job!” or comments which require that you give them a reply, or ask silly  questions. My favorite in this category was a comment”…. would there be a PART II?” He JUST READ PART II!!! or may be not:)

– Look for comments which just promote their products

-Look for comments which tell you, your blog could use their services to improve –some want your blog to upload faster, some, slower, some say the letters “run off the page” but they could help you fix it.

– Look for sites that ask if you would let them write articles on your blog —if you are interested, check their already published work and/or a draft of the article they propose 

– Look for proposals of link exchanges — I do not know enough about this topic to have a valid opinion, but I am cautious.

– Look for comments which give you invalid emails–Some commentators were asking questions which required not a posting but a reply from me. I emailed them, to only discover that the emails were FAKE!!

I continue to believe without a sense of humor, life would be unbearable. I must admit, there was a time when I wondered WHO would buy any book in the series “The Idiot’s Book to…. 

Then I needed to refresh my knowledge of statistics and bought the  Idiot’s Book on it.

If someone, out there wrote an idiots’ book of How to get rid of computer generated comments, I’d be the first to buy it!

Please let me know via a human generated email (contact info:under icon, About Rodica–TOP left of all my posts.)

Thanks for visiting and you, the real readers mean the world to me. I hope these short posts improve your daily lives, somehow. Have a nice weekend Everyone!