Fried, Green Tomatoes! Get them Before The Mystery Critters!!!

How to cook fried, green tomatoes! Yummy!Planting tomatoes must be among the easiest gardening activitIes because it seems all beginner gardners claim success based on their crop of tomatoes. This  beginner Group included me, until this year when some critters ATE most of my tomatoes before they were ripe!

In that emergency situation, my only alternative was to make fried green tomatoes! It was green or nothing!!!

How to make fried green tomatoes!


3-4 medium size green tomatoes, sliced

1-2 beaten eggs , add salt and pepper

Flour – 1 cup

Bread crumbs or fine yellow corn meal ( palenta)

1 cup vegetable oil, to fry ( you could also bake at 350)

Harvest the tomatoes before they are ripe, so the critters don’t eat them before you do!

Cut them in round, same width slices.

In three dishes pour:

In dish #1 – flour

In dish #2 – well beat eggs, salt and pepper

In dish #3- yellow corn meal or bread crumbs. Personally I LOVE palenta!

An empty plate to place the prepared tomatoe slices.

A pan with heated vegetable oil, or an oiled oven tray, if you bake, so the slices don’t stick to the tray.

Place each tomatoe slice first in flour, then in eggs, then in the yellow corn meal.

Place on  the plate.

Preheat oil in pan on, lower heat to medium, fry prepared tomatoe slices. Turn them on  both sides so they are cooked equally on each side.

When  they are done, place them on a plate, on top of paper towels, to absorb any excess  oil.

Serve hot on their own or as a side dish to fried chicken or anything your heart desires!

The point is you enjoy your tomatoes and not the critters!!!:)

If you prepare fried green tomatoes in a different way, please share with us!

Have a nice Sunday and let us know if you find ways to improve this recipe!






Weekend Leftovers Dish—What’s in Your Refrigerator?

Rodica's Weekend recipe

Rodica’s Weekend recipe

One of the many blessings of summer, especially if you live on the East Coast of the US or Europe, or any place where you experience four seasons, is the richness of fruits and vegetables gifted us by Mother Nature in July, August may be the beginning of September.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits guarantees they are truly organic and no pesticides had been used.
There are a few vegetables and fruits which truly are so self-sufficient, I am embarrassed to call myself a gardner on the grounds that I really worked hard on making them grow from seeds to lavish vegetables or berries!
I guess the word “tend” would be more appropriate because all they need is to be placed in ground, covered with healthy, fertile earth, not too deep and allowing space between seedlings, make sure you water them and… wait, and wait some more until a miracle happens, enormous vines with huge leaves and yellow flowers start crowling everywhere in your garden! If like me, you know nothing about gardening, you too will learn by mistake! Zuccini, cucumbers are not going to jump at you:) when they are ripe!
They hide under the leaves, so you will have to go on the expedition of lifting the leaves and picking them up when they are ripe but NOT overdone!

Okay, this weekend’s recipe contains some vegis from my garden, zuccini, courtesy of
my friend Melissa, some baby carrots, which sat lonely in my refrigerator, because I don’t like them raw… etc Too much explaining already! Here is the recipe:

1-2 medium zucchini- chopped, washed, not peeled
8-10 baby carrots
1 chopped onion
2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped
Kernels from 2 corn on the cob
Fresh basil- chopped
Chiched- cubed ( mine was already cooked, dark meat)
Coconut oil


In a large pan, heat the oil and sote the onions, garlic, add all vegis, chicken cubbes and S & P
Not the basil.
Do not cook completely but stir so they are omogenous.
Turn oven at 400 degrees F
On a greased tray place all ingredients in single layer and bake for 20 minutes Check often, because it burns quickly. Add the fresh basil at the end!
I think it would be more delicious grilled!
As in life, be flexible, think out of the box, improvize and enjoy even if what turns out is not exactly what you expected but still delicious!
Serve hot with toasted bread of your choice.

Please share your recipes and thoughts.
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“Pretend” Chef:)

Life Lessons I learned From Gardening

If you are like me, a beginner, but an ambitious gardener, chances are, you too, planted bushes too close to each other, not approximating correctly how they will grow and which of them might be stronger and take over everything around them in the long run.

In the beginning, I considered them all equally desirable, I planted them all with love:
Morning Glory, Roses and Berries.

Soon, I discovered that the morning glory, and its seemingly delicate flowers, spread fast, are strong and ultimately, strangled the rose bush, which had no choice but to grow into the berries bush next to it, and affect it negatively!

I wanted them all, but yesterday I had to make a decision: Which do I save? Which do I give up or at least limit in its tendency to take over everything?

I settled on saving the berries and the rose bush and sacrificed some of the morning glory which was strangling its neighbors. I didn’t pull out all the morning glory roots, but only those which endangered its neighbors.

As I was clipping and pulling out the roots of what at the beginning I thought was all desirable, I thought of how many times in life I started actions with an abundance of great ideas, but in practice, there came a time when I had to choose ONE idea, ONE action and ONE consequence and as much as I would have liked to use all the initial good ideas, there came a time when we had to choose ONE.

Has this happened to you? If so, please share.20140910_124124