Weekend Easy Dish

Egg Salad

At the end of each week, I “scan” my refrigerator and decide what stays, what goes and what needs to be used immediately.

This is how I decided that this weekend’s easy dish is EGG SALAD.

As in previous “Weekend Easy Dish” posts, the ingredients may be replaced or skipped, depending on what each individual has available and likes.

Ingredients for egg salad (adjust ALL ingredients depending on how many eggs you use)

2 – 8 Eggs — hard boiled, peeled and cut in chunks
Place in a bowl.


Chopped red onion or chopped scallions (to your taste)

1-2 baby dill pickles (or any type of pickles you have/like)

Dressing: Mix mayo and mustard in the proportions you like or make your own dressing

Optional: Fresh dill or parsley (chopped)
Salt and pepper to taste

Serve on toasted bread. You may add fresh tomatoes on top and a fresh basil leaf, or on the side, as garnish.

As with all weekend easy dishes, the ingredients may be switched with similar ones or eliminated.

The goal is to use what we already have and use our imagination, a free blessing from God.

Enjoy making something delicious when at first, we thought there was nothing to eat:)

Easy and Delicious Leftover Dish. Use Your Imagination!

One of those evenings when I was hungry, but nor hungry enough to go to the store and get the needed ingredients.

Beside, there is always the inconvenience that when I return home, the parking spot in front of my house is taken, as street parking is “public.” The only advantage of life in the city was re-learning how to parallel park without damaging the cars behind and in front of mine. My self-esteem went through the roof!

Back to food… I had the following in my refrigerator, and by the way they looked, they needed to be cooked, or else…

One cauliflower, 2 large carrots,  2-4 Tbs sour cream, oatmeal, eggs, butter, almond milk, (or milk)  various small quantities of cheeses, parmesan  grated cheese, dash of salt.

Boil the carrots and cauliflower and drain the water. Mash and mix with 2 beaten eggs, and 2-4 Tbs milk or almond milk, the mixed cheeses leftovers and the sour cream.

In greased baking dish, layer old fashion oatmeal moistened in little almond milk.

On top of the oatmeal layer, pour the carrots, cauliflower, eggs, almond milk, sour cream and cheeses mix.

Top with grated parmesan, extra cheeses (if available) and dot with little butter.

Bake at 350 for approximately 30 minutes or until brown on top.

You will know when it’s done, as it will not be watery and it should taste at least okay, but we aim for delicious. If in doubt add salt until taste won’t matter.

This Saturday’s Easy Dish– Bread pudding variations

Bread Pudding Plus  or Minus Recipe — 

It’s a  tradition by now, every Saturday I do my best to share an easy dish to make with ingredients we generally already have in our kitchen. If you don’t… please buy them.

Plus or minus=check your refrigerator and pantry for ingredients you have or you don’t and use your imagination accordingly.

It is snowing today and hard to drive around and buy stuff, so, let’s do with what we already have and it’s not spoiled. Emergency rooms on weekends are no fun!

This Saturday  attempted recipe is bread pudding.


3 INGREDIENTS: Bread, eggs, milk (or almond milk or half and half)


Raisins (may be replaced with  slices of apples or peaches or a fruit, fresh, canned or frozen — make sure whatever you use it’s not watery)

Sugar (but you may skip it or use less, depending on taste, diabetes or both)

Vanilla, rum  extract or booze, cinnamon — use in combination or the ones you like.

How to Prepare:

Tear 6-8 slices of white bread  or whatever type of bread you have, but not salty (a day or more old bread is best) I also had a few Lady’s Fingers and mixed pieces of them with the bread and used less sugar)

Melt butter (2-3 Tsp.)

In an oven-resistant pan, layer the pieces of bread, drizzle the melted butter and  raisins or slices of fruit or both, on top of the bread. If you have no butter, it’s okay (your less clogged arteries will thank you.)

In a separate bowl, beat 4 eggs, 2 cups milk (I use Almond Milk), 1/2 cup sugar (or more or less) and 1-2 tsp of  essence of vanilla, rum or both and 1 tsp cinnamon powder. If you hate cinnamon, skip it, you will not be punished! Mix all these ingredients WELL!!!

Pour the liquid mixture on top of the bread and fruit layers in the pan. PRESS the bread down, so it is completely emerged in the mixture of milk, beaten eggs, sugar and vanilla, rum essence(s).

Bake at 350 F for 30-45 minutes. I did not cover.

I use a NeWave small, counter-top oven and it took only 30 minutes to bake. You will know when it’s done, because the consistency will no longer be watery and the top will be golden brown If it’s dark brown, it means it’s burned. I’d suggest you might consider baking more often, as “practice makes perfect.”

Please let us know how did your experiment turn out? Was it delicious, was it eatable… did your dogs like it?