Bacon, Avocado, Nuts, Egg Salad — Give or Take

Yummy avocado, bacon salad

Yummy avocado, bacon salad

Lemon, mint, honey waterThis is based on the observation that adding bacon to almost anything, makes it taste better.
It’s a give or take, as most of the ingredients could be replaced with something in the same family, or skipped.
For instance, I used mostly sunflower seeds and a few almonds. If you have walnuts at hand, use them. I added a few raisins, but the salad would be fine without. If you do not have eggs, substitute with baked carrots or another vegetable.
2 avocados
4 boiled eggs
4 strips of crisp bacon
2 Tbs- sunflower seeds (roasted)
1 Tbs almonds or walnuts
6-10 – raisins
All chopped and mixed well with the dressing.
You may add fresh dill, or basil.
Olive oil
Sea salt
Juice of one lemon
If you like garlic, chop finely and add to dressing.

Serve with well toasted flat bread.
Drink plenty of lemon, mint and honey water.
Use plenty of fresh mint or herbs in season to make your meal taste and look yummy!
Enjoy and use your imagination!
Please don’t forget to share.
Thank you.

Weekend Easy Dish

Egg Salad

At the end of each week, I “scan” my refrigerator and decide what stays, what goes and what needs to be used immediately.

This is how I decided that this weekend’s easy dish is EGG SALAD.

As in previous “Weekend Easy Dish” posts, the ingredients may be replaced or skipped, depending on what each individual has available and likes.

Ingredients for egg salad (adjust ALL ingredients depending on how many eggs you use)

2 – 8 Eggs — hard boiled, peeled and cut in chunks
Place in a bowl.


Chopped red onion or chopped scallions (to your taste)

1-2 baby dill pickles (or any type of pickles you have/like)

Dressing: Mix mayo and mustard in the proportions you like or make your own dressing

Optional: Fresh dill or parsley (chopped)
Salt and pepper to taste

Serve on toasted bread. You may add fresh tomatoes on top and a fresh basil leaf, or on the side, as garnish.

As with all weekend easy dishes, the ingredients may be switched with similar ones or eliminated.

The goal is to use what we already have and use our imagination, a free blessing from God.

Enjoy making something delicious when at first, we thought there was nothing to eat:)