Easy Saturday Dessert! Feeling Productive and Sharing!

Today is Saturday,  sunny, but very cold.  Back in Romania, when I was a child, we called such deceiving winter days, “Sun with teeth!” Indeed, it is so  cold it feels like a bite.

I decided to better cook something… but what? I gathered ingredients that I  already had, some leftovers, or cans which had sat in my cupboard for a long time. Well… not THAT long!

This is the easy dessert that I managed to make:

In a baking dish– spray with butter, than layer either Lady’s Fingers, or any type of sweet crackers you have on hand. On top, layer the entire can of a Cherry Pie Filling or any fresh or canned fruits. Top with another layer of Lady Fingers or any  sweet crackers.

Separately, beat two eggs, add milk or I used Almond milk and I added some oatmeal. Mix well the wet ingredients, add vanilla and pour over the dry ingredients. Quantity needs to be enough to soak the dry, layers of Lady Fingers.

Bake at 350 F until it’s done and the batter is solid but moist, not liquidy.

Enjoy! Don’t let the Sun bite you:)