Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a very short post and its purpose is ONLY to pass on information I TRUST to be true and helpful. A sort of community service post:)

If you take the time to investigate further, please do not blame me if it is not true, just comment your NEW findings and I will post them. Thank you. 

In the spirit of


Here is the information courtesy of my high school buddy from Canada (Adi).


1. DO NOT OPEN any emails which have in the subject line: Black Muslim in The White House, as this appears to be a powerful virus.

2. If you receive a CALL and the person leaves a MESSAGE with an urgent content (death in family, won a million dollars, etc) and urges YOU to call them back, do NOT if they have the AREA CODE 809. As I understand the codes 284 or 876 are also  NOT TO BE TRUSTED in BOTH USA and Canada. It is a complicated explanation the short of which is YOU are calling The Dominican Republic and will be charged exorbitant amounts of money. Because YOU called it will be hard to argue.

Of course, you could verify further by going to http://www.snopes.com 

A personal suggestion: Do not even answer calls unless you know WHO is calling you. If it is NOT marketing they will leave a message. If someone leaves an alarming message about a friend or family member I’d CALL that person FIRST and verify IF they are in trouble.

I apply the same rule when answering my door. I do NOT even go to the door IF I am NOT expecting a guest. Instead, I let my guard dog, Duke, a mean looking boxer show himself in the porch window:)  In addition I have two other alarm systems, but that’s another post!

Needless to say, I do not have unexpected visitors:)

Have a good rest of the week.


Enjoy your week and be safe:)