This Weekend ‘s Surprise Lunch! What’s in your refrigerator?

Smoked turkey, bacon, cheese lunch

Smoked turkey, bacon, cheese lunch

Cold weather and rain doesn’t seem to let go of Central Pennsylvania and here we are, on May 15, 2016, I turned the heat on again!
We are expecting 38 degrees tonight…
Perfect weather for a HOT meal, so… Let’s see what could we put together.
The contents of our refrigerator, tells a lot about ITS owner. WHAT does mine say?
A couple of English muffins, some slices of smoked turkey and bacon from Sharp Shopper, a favorite local grocery store, some Pravelone cheese and an orange. The bread is not fresh but that’s no problem, here’s how to solve the it: sprinkle water on the bread, then a few drops of oil of your choice. I use olive oil which I flavored with fresh, chopped garlic.
On top of the prepared bread, place the smoked turkey, layer of cooked bacon and the cheese.
Bake everything for 10-15 minutes until done. WHAT does “done” mean? Since all the ingredients are already cooked, done means not burned or under cooked, or the bread will be soggy instead of crunchy and delicious.

Presentation makes food taste better and I was lucky to have an orange in my refrigerator, but the lettuce leaves were the real surprise of this improvized lunch:
A few days ago, I noticed lettuce growing in the back yard, in the middle of the lawn:)
It probably reseeded itself last year… It doesn’t matter much, except that I uprooted it and planted where it belongs but saved a few leaves for this weekend’s lunch.
That’s it for today!
WHAT does this say about me? For sure I continue to believe bacon makes everything taste better!
Please share what’s in your refrigerator?

Weekend Easy Dish

Weekend Easy Dish was started so we could use whatever leftover ingredients we have in our refrigerator and kitchen and turn them into an eatable dish. If I were to brag, I’d say delicious, but I’m modest.

Not all of us have the same left over ingredients in  the same given weekend, and this may or may not be useful to you right now. However, if the dish sounds good  you may buy the ingredients and make the dish, in which case, it will be a fresh, new dish.

What I had in my kitchen this weekend:

Basic ingredients: olive oil, salt, onions, garlic, two boxes of almost empty types of pastas, (about same in size) and grated parmesan cheese.

I garden, so I also had fresh basil leaves, which add extra flavor to any dish, unless it’s a dessert.

In my refrigerator, I had 1/2 a pack of bacon, which had to be used and  fresh green beans, which I kept avoiding to cook on their own, so they were at risk to spoil. If your heart doesn’t pound faster at the thought of eating fresh vegetables, this is a great way to incorporate ANY green vegi into a dish you might like.

Step one: 

Have all your ingredients in the same place and make sure you don’t miss the main one, as I did once, when I made sour cream cake, but I had no sour cream.

Step two:

In a large skillet, cook the bacon until almost crisp, but do not over cook.

In separate pot, cook the pasta 1/2 way. Make sure before you put the pasta in the boiling water, you added salt and little oil to the water, so pasta doesn’t stick together. Drain the pasta and set aside. You might wish to reserve  2 cups of the water in which you cooked the pasta, for use later.

Remove the cooked bacon from the skillet and  the drained pasta and  set both aside.

To recap: You have the cooked bacon and the cooked pasta set aside.

Step three:

Chop an onion and garlic to taste, add  it to the bacon drippings in the  large skillet, add a little salt, if you are not worried about your high blood pressure, and cook  until golden, on medium heat.

Add the green vegetable. Remember? The ones which were fresh in your refrigerator, but in danger to become garbage? Stir them in with all the other ingredients in the skillet, on medium heat. About 5 minutes.

Step four:

Add the cooked pasta  to all the other ingredients in the large skillet and stir well. This is when if the ingredients are too dry, you ADD the reserved water from cooking the pasta.

After I cooked everything on top of the stove,  and mixed them all together in the skillet, I put everything in a baking dish and bake it for about 15-20 minutes. It gives the dish extra flavor. Make sure you use a non-stick product , so the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of your baking dish.


What’s nice in life is, God granted us free choices:

You have a choice of what to do with the bacon. My choice, was to chop most of it and stir it with the other ingredients, but I reserved a few NOT crisp slices of bacon, and I placed them on TOP of the dish, so when the dish bakes for the extra 15 minutes, extra flavor is added and the bacon on top becomes crisp.

You also have a choice about the parmesan cheese, or ANY other cheese for that matter:

You may stir it into the dish before you bake it, or stir in some and place some on top, as I did.

If you have fresh basil, chop it, stir some in the dish at the very end, so it maintains the flavor.

Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes, until it looks eatable to you.

Take out of the oven and garnish with more fresh parmesan and basil leaves before you serve.

The good news is that this dish could be eaten the following day, as the flavorful ingredients have a chance to combine with one another. In fact, I liked it better the following day, but this is just a personal taste.

What does this mean, that this dish is yummy the following day?

If you have guests for dinner, you may cook the day before and reheat the day of your party. Now, that is a definite advantage!

Enjoy! That’s how we eat our vegetables:)