Could Your Dog Speak?

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saved_resourceDoes your pet communicate with you, would be a more appropriate statement, not even a question!
Any lucky person who has a companion pet, or two, or three… may be more, knows each of them excells at communication, especilly when it comes to their needs.

A pet companion needs are very much like ours: food, sleep, shelter. Despite the current debate on “dog pants,” should a dog wear pants on all four legs or just hind, my opinion is no and no, but yes, some human wants to make money!

Back to dogs and communication!

Those of you who read Lola’s blog or some of the posts on this blog, know about Duke, my boxer guard dog.

Just in case you don’t, Duke has been with me since 2009 when the rescue organization told me he was around a year old, came from The South and already “lost” a few good homes because he ran away and the adoptive families could not take the responsibility!
On the brighter site, he was a great guard dog!

For the first two years I tried to understand how he jumped over a 7 foot fence?!!!
I finally caught him in the act and discovered he didn’t jump, he crawled up a fence and the height didn’t matter!

In the beginning, I was so distrustful of him, and he, of me. I slept with the light on, to see who made a possible first move!

When we rescue dogs, we need to know that they will have trust and anxiety issues…
They have been abused and abandoned before and it will take time and work to building a bond with a human!

The good news is that once the bond is created you have a loyal friend and protector like no other!

Of course, Duke asks for His needs to be met, such as food at 7:00 am. The way he communicates it is what I would like to share with you…

Listen, and you be the judge! What does he sound like?

Please share with us stories about how does your companion pet communicates!

Rodica M.
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Dog Ate My Homework Is NOT A Myth!!! Anxiety in Dogs! Please Share Your Tips!

... And Duke the anxious

… And Duke the anxious

... And Duke the anxious

… And Duke the anxious

Dog ate my homework, the phrase which commonly describes a lie, turned out to be true for me…

How does anxiety manifest in dogs?

I’ve had Duke since 2009. Before I rescued him he tried at least three other homes and it didn’t work out! He was around one and a half years old at the time. He was already scarred by unknown events that happened in his life prior to being rescued.
In the beginning, when Kim, his foster mom, told me he was in the habit of running away I could not imagine … Until he jumped over my fence and I lost him, and found him a couple of times, until I understood that he needed special attention.

Why was he running away? Was he expecting a better home elsewhere? I will never know.

Duke no longer manifests his anxiety by running away. The bonding between us is so strong that when I leave the house he probably wonders if I’m coming back, or is he abandoned again… At least this is my explanation as to why he ate my homework!!!

I have a routine before I leave my companion pets alone: they go out, I prepare treats for everyone, including a nut for my African Grey parrot, I turn on the radio for them and I reassure them, just as I did with my kids, that “mommy always comes back.” The routine is designed to ease potential anxiety. Sometimes I leave the TV on and diffuse in the air the scent of lavender, known for its calming effects.

And yet, yesterday it didn’t work!!! Duke ate my homework! Literally, a box in which I had stored some of my most valued college papers. He opened the door to the room where I had all my files stored, and this picture illustrates how my office looked when I came back home.

Since there are always many ways to look at events in our lives, the good and the bad, the bright side of what happened is that now I will be forced to really organize my file cabinet, but not today…

If you have any other TIPS on how to deal with soothing pets’

Duke The Angel

Duke The Angel

anxiety, please share with us.

Meanwhile, I will continue to love Duke even if he truly ate my homework!!!