Fried, Green Tomatoes! Get them Before The Mystery Critters!!!

How to cook fried, green tomatoes! Yummy!Planting tomatoes must be among the easiest gardening activitIes because it seems all beginner gardners claim success based on their crop of tomatoes. This  beginner Group included me, until this year when some critters ATE most of my tomatoes before they were ripe!

In that emergency situation, my only alternative was to make fried green tomatoes! It was green or nothing!!!

How to make fried green tomatoes!


3-4 medium size green tomatoes, sliced

1-2 beaten eggs , add salt and pepper

Flour – 1 cup

Bread crumbs or fine yellow corn meal ( palenta)

1 cup vegetable oil, to fry ( you could also bake at 350)

Harvest the tomatoes before they are ripe, so the critters don’t eat them before you do!

Cut them in round, same width slices.

In three dishes pour:

In dish #1 – flour

In dish #2 – well beat eggs, salt and pepper

In dish #3- yellow corn meal or bread crumbs. Personally I LOVE palenta!

An empty plate to place the prepared tomatoe slices.

A pan with heated vegetable oil, or an oiled oven tray, if you bake, so the slices don’t stick to the tray.

Place each tomatoe slice first in flour, then in eggs, then in the yellow corn meal.

Place on  the plate.

Preheat oil in pan on, lower heat to medium, fry prepared tomatoe slices. Turn them on  both sides so they are cooked equally on each side.

When  they are done, place them on a plate, on top of paper towels, to absorb any excess  oil.

Serve hot on their own or as a side dish to fried chicken or anything your heart desires!

The point is you enjoy your tomatoes and not the critters!!!:)

If you prepare fried green tomatoes in a different way, please share with us!

Have a nice Sunday and let us know if you find ways to improve this recipe!