FATE and Good Luck! Even Mice Have It!

The lucky baby mouse

The lucky baby mouse

Fate and good luck or the lack of it, reinforced by a Birthday on July 13th, turned into a life-long preoccupation. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it an obsession… Although, on a second thought, I do take Ambien…

WHAT really gets me is the extreme position that we control absolutely everything that happens to us, and as a result of this extreme belief, if you are Oprah you might feel like the Queen of no fate, and all self-brilliance, a half woman, half-Goddess who turns no matter WHAT into gold, platinum or Weight watcher valuable shared at least long enough to make a profit… But not ling term!
However, if you are like millions who work three jobs and could barely pay bills, while being fed the myth that YOU and you alone are responsible for your success of failure… You might not feel so great!
Studies show that if someone continues to repeat nonsensical positive affirmations which make no sense to our subconscious mind, that is damaging and may result in depression rather than success!
I will not comment on Ancient myths and thousands of years of wisdom, instead, to illustrate my point, I will share a simple story which happened to a baby mouse an hour ago!

In my sun-room there are several empty vases and when I noticed Duke, my boxer barking at a vase??? I put my glasses on to SEE WHAT was the fuss about!!!
At the bottom of the vase, a baby field mouse was running in circles calling his mommy!
In that moment, I forgot about the war I have declared on rodents regardless of size, shape, age, and when I saw that cartoonish baby mouse, scared and lonely, my motherly heart melted and I felt if I killed it, it would have been like murdering the innocent!

I took the vase with the baby mouse in it and FREED it far from the house.
I will not overthinking the complex topic of fate and luck, however could anyone deny this baby mouse was in a WAR zone, yet, the enemy, me, in the most irrational twist of FATE, FREED the enemy and felt good about irrational… YES!! TRUE? YES!!!

Following the story of the lucky baby mouse, my conclusion was that there fate and good luck and bad luck are REAL and while we are in control of some of WHAT happens to us, we are not in control of everything! Perhaps, this is when we need to PRAY TO GOD!

My baby mouse was lucky, and didn’t even repeat senseless positive affirmations, as we humans do
WHAT do you think? Are you in total control? In no control? A combination? Please share with us!
Rodica M.

2 thoughts on “FATE and Good Luck! Even Mice Have It!

  1. One evening, I saw a cockroach fighting for its life in my pool. I hate cockroaches. Can’t stand them crawling or flying around and, with disgust, kill them on sight. Or run. This time, though, I felt a need to save the creepy bastard. So I took it out of the waters, and saved its life.

    Not even 15 seconds after it was moving away from me on the pool deck, enjoying its good luck and fate, a hungry lizard appeared, and used my cockroach for dinner.


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