The VALUE of Timing in Everthying We Do!

It is not the first time when gardening teaches me unexpected valuable lessons at exactly the right time!

Being the “sharing type” that most of you know I am, here is WHAT I learned this morning from the simple activity of trying to discover if any of my cucumbers were ripe!
Well… The Lesson number one, was that cucumbers grow hidden under leaves and if you, like me, just look superficially and dont take the time and effort to “discover” the cucumbers hidden under the large leaves… well, I have bad news for us:
they will grow and grow and at some point become overly ripe, bitter and useless.
As in life, waiting TOO LONG could cost us a lost opportunity!
This is the VALUE of timing in everything and it needs to be recognized, valued and respected in all our actions!
Our success depends in a large part on TIMING! Let’s not ignore ITS power but instead use it to our advantage!
Let’s now take a life situation and try to apply the value of timing…
WHAT should we choose, as timing is of importance in the smallest action we take in our daily lives.
Since we all were faces at one time of another with the pain of loosing a love relationship, let’s ask ourselves: was the break really a total surprize, or somewhere in our subconscious mind we knew the truth, but were afraid to knee down, touch the leaves and discover the overly ripen “problem,” which sooner or later made its presence in our life anyway, on its own time!
Would it have been better to disciver the problem before it revealed itself and it was too late?
It takes courage to first admit there is something hidden which sooner or later will affect us negatively. To actually bring up WHAT we know in our subconscious mind to the consciousness and take action, whatever that may be, is not only courageous but it shows dignity!
Well, going back to my overly ripe cucumber, I tasted it, but it was so bitter, I had to through it away… I hate waist!
How many times we do the same with our relatiobships? We know they didn’t work the first time, yet we bite again into the bitterness of certain failure and the pain that follows!
Timing… When to hang on to something and when to let go? When do we look under the leaves which hide the truth, and when do we ignore until The Truth finds us, because IT will!

The good news is that these could be lessens learned!!!
WHAT I learned in gardening is to check under the leaves often, so I could find the cucumbers in TIME and enjoy the deliciousness of this versatile vegetable!

As far as timing in relationships goes… I am still trying to find a formula that works, but so far, no success.
Please share your stories and how timing worked in your favor or not…

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