The Importance of Accuracy in measurements of Cervical Dilation. Elm Tree Medical, INC. Dedicated to innovations in women’s health!

Elm Tree Medical and its CEO, Eva MARTIN,M.D., a Harvard Medical School graduate, have been dedicated to improvements in women’s healthcare.

DilaCheck is a medical device which has the goal to revolutionize the accuracy of cervical dilation measurements in this crucial phase of labor and delivery.

The device’s goal is to improve the accuracy of measuring cervical dilation, from approximately 50 percent, now, to about 96 percent, using the device.

Recently, Elm Tree Medical INC. of San Francisco, California, has entered The FedEx small business contest.
Please take a moment to read about this revolutionizing device and support advances in women’s healthcare by voting for Elm Tree Medical.
If you have any personal stories you would like to share about your pregnancy and the importance of accurate cervical dilation measurements, please share!

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To learn more about Elm Tree and the FedEx contest, please follow this link:ȘOC-1001848-6-2-1001-1100000-US-EN-WEBAPPEMAIL0

Thank you!

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