Netflix Enthusiasts! The Underworld, Inc. A MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY!

Are you,like me, a Netflix enthusiast, or call me addict, since I “binge” on the no commercials’benefits to the point where the Netflix robot asks, ” Are you still there?” And I AM!!!
Well, if that “sort of” describes you, or if it doesn’t, here is a British T.V. Documentary, two seasons, which is a MUST see, no matter who you are!
Why? Might you ask… because being aware of some of the information might SAVE your life!
Based on the book “The Misfit Economy, the documentary was made for the National Geographic Channels.
Each episode stands on its own and describes specific problems unrelated to one another ( gambling, human trafficking, prostitution, etc.)
While it is best to watch all of them, as they contain invaluable information, the episode which shocked and taught me the most was
FAKE PHARMA (season 1, episode 6)
Prior to watching this documentary I was unaware that fake medications may be dispersed in pharmacies, even hospitals.
Perhaps I was the only person on Earth to have lived under the assumption that to be affected by fake pharma, a person must buy illegal drugs from drug dealers, thus putting themselves at risk because there is no guarantee as to the quality or dangers posed by such illegal drugs in an uncontrolled market.
I was unaware that there are pharmacies which might sell such illegally obtained drugs. I was unaware that the market is not only that of “drug addiction” but of people suffering from cancer and other illnesses for which medications are so expensive, in desperation, these patients turn to illegal providers!
A majority of those interviewed wear masks and are shockingly and thankfully honest.
I applaud the makers of this documentary, and am thankful for their excellent work!

Please share your thoughts on this topic as it may affect anyone and knowledge is power!

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