The Colors of Chronic Pain

Red, black, bright yellow, the marry-go-round in My head! Should I move? Slowly to extend the dull pain or abruptly to feel its sharpness and hope…

Is pain a permanent tennant in my body or a temporary visitor who forgot to leave?

Do I fight it or unknowingly befriend it?

Confusion  seems to be the only certain entity. Confusion, pain and hope as I open my eyes I color reality… Red, as it feels like spikes of burning fire… Black, as I embrace  the  always present darkness of dull pain… Yet, hidden in this maze I sense the rays of sun in its yellow power.

Feel and color. Focus and color. Relax and color. Breathe slowly and color. For as long as we color there is fight and life beyond…

Rodica M.

M.S. Counceling and Clinical Psychology

Life’s Cross-Roads Coaching

Rodica Mihalis on Instagram




2 thoughts on “The Colors of Chronic Pain

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