Foggy Life!

imageIt is foggy in Harrisburg. Damp and foggy…
As I stop to merge with the Front Street traffic, I know ahead of me is the river, but I don’t see it. I could only imagine and let my imagination go wilde:
Is it winding? Dirty? Clean? Are there fish?

The landscape is so ugly, yet so beautiful that I feel compelled to park and take a picture, so this moment will be remembered forever!

Why did the fog resonate with my soul so strongly, to make me stop, get out of the car in the cold to take a picture of the foggy river and the bare trees?

Hmm… perhaps because my life is also foggy right now and not knowing, not seeing ahead of me, I could only imagine how life will turn out for me???
I could imagine anything if it’s foggy … I could choose!

I imagine SPRING which definitely follows WINTER! I imagine coming back in April to see the beauty of the new leaves, green grass and the winding river.

It is foggy now, outside and inside of me, I could drawn in fogginess or stop, examine it and understand that sometimes foggy is good! It allows for us to use our imagination!
Imagine our future beyond the temporary fog!

Is your life a little foggy right now?
Imagine beyond and know that all is temporary!

The “holidays” Are hard for many, because real life is not a commercial! Life IS foggy!

If you wish to share your thoughts, please contact me or share with us.

Happy New Year and less fog in 2016!

Life Cross Roads and Wellness Coaching

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