Grateful for the “small,” “big” things in life!

Thankful, grateful are just two of the many words we use to express appreciation…

Many times we appreciate the small things we took for granted when we no longer have them: A smile, a beautiful walk on a sunny day, a hug reciprocated by someone we love, a heart to heart talk with a friend who is no longer with us.

Personally I already know I will be heartbroken when any of my companion pets will pass away.

For right NOW, I choose to be in this priceless moment fully! Enjoy this Thanksgiving with my daughter, Natalie and her husband, John and fully breathe in that unmatchable feeling of being the grandmother of two beautiful children.
The pictures in my hear could not be stolen or erased. Love does not run out of battery or out of style!
Love will always win!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends. Without you, my life would be meaningless.image

1 thought on “Grateful for the “small,” “big” things in life!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and that adorable little munchkin. Suck up as much love and conversation you can while you are there. Can’t wait to catch up when you return. Lovely entry.


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