Netflix Movie Review- Overlooked Treasures: THE ICEMAN

The Iceman,” is a 2013 production starring Michael Shannon and Winona Ryder.

It is based on a true story and it follows the life of Richard Kuklinski, who between 1964-1986 killed over a hundred people. Some of his victims at the order of The Mob and others for his own pleasure. He is “The Iceman.”

There are several memorable scenes and lines but the scene which I recall, and which will haunt me forever is a dialogue between The Iceman and one of his targets. The victim begs him for mercy in God’s name. Calmly, the Iceman, checks his watch and says: ” You think if you pray God will help you? Fine! You have five minutes!”

The victim prays so hard, my heart is racing and am almost sure a miracle will take place! The acting is superb, for an instance I forget it’s a movie and and what happens is at the mercy of the writer…

In the next scene, the Iceman looks at his watch and says:
“It’s over! I guess God is Busy!”

He shoots the victim!
I am heartbroken but continue to watch, of course!

This is just one of the many memorable scenes but what makes the movie unique overall, is the reminder that there are people who live double lives. It doesn’t teach us distrust, but caution.

Before I give it all away, here’s what is written on Kuklinski’s tombstone:

Loving husband
Devoted father
Ruthless killer


Great story
Amazing acting
Worth watching!

2 thoughts on “Netflix Movie Review- Overlooked Treasures: THE ICEMAN

    • Hi Marque,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Indeed, a well done movie and outstanding message. It reminded me to never judge by appearances. Evil may hide underneath physical or emotional beauty and there is a fight between Good and Evil.
      God bless,


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