How Do We Define These Stories? Coincidence? Luck? Miracle?

If any if these events happened to you, personally, would you share them, or would you be fearful of being misjudged…
It was in mid 1990s and fashionable to take pictures of oneself showing the colors of the fields of energy around one’s head and body. The color was believed to be indicative of certain healing qualities a healer possessed. Purple, white, violet, we’re indicators of healing qualities. Of course, as a massage therapist it was a dream come true to SEE the confirmation any healer wished for in her picture. 20150901_122057

After the picture was taken I left in a rush the house of my friend where it was officially confirmed I had the aura of a healer. I had several objects in my hands and couldn’t unlock the car door.
I placed the precious picture with great care on top of the car to unlock the door. Just for a minute, and after I wiped off the dust on the top of the car with great care!

I drove away happy with one thought on my mind, A had the AURA of a healer. White, purple and violet were all around my head. For once I was considering myself beautiful!

At a stop light I glanced at the passenger seat where my preciious picture had been placed… or so I thought.
I looked… and looked again! The light turned green. People honked! Then cursed. I was NOT moving because the picture was not showing up! Stubborn picture!!!
I pulled to the side of the road… Looked again and touched the seat…

No… there was no picture staring back at me. At that point of total desperation, I’d have accepted any picture. I would have been willing to color my own healing aura! May be…
I drove around in a state if panic, tracing my way back to the friend’s house.
About 8 to 10 miles.
I drove slowly, aggravating several regular drivers, not healers, like me, but at some point that gut voice we usually ignire, told me to stop the car, get out of it and search around…
Crazy, right? Crazy and even crazier I did exactly that. Stopped, get out and searched the side of the road and the side walk…
…and guess what? Here it was, face down, at the edge of the sidewalk, was my healer picture.
I still have it, still stare at it daily and smile when I remember this story.

But wait… this is not ALL.

Fast forward to 2015 in a busy Grocery in Pennsylvania.

The passage of time gave me wisdom but took away some of my good sight, so I needed glasses.
On that fateful Friday evening, (it wasn’t the 13th) at the Smart Shopper in Middletown, PA I could not read the price on a label and in the process I dropped my glasses on the hard floor. I was so upset, didn’t even check the extend to the damage. Just put the glasses in my purse while figuring out the amount of credit card debt necessary to get new glasses.
When I arrived home, I checked the glasses, to discover one of the lenses was missing.
An insane thought crossed my mind. What IF I went back to the store and found the lens?
Oh well… it was Saturday morning, they cleaned the store overnight, It made no sense, but… many things in my life didn’t, yet they happened!

The biggest mistake one could make is to not try. If you don’t TRY how would YOU KNOW?
At the store, I bent to the floor and since I barely saw, I slowly touched the floor where I thought my lens could be… it wasn’t but I refused to give up. It’s not in my nature. .. to give up, that us.
This very focused action of combing the grocery store floor with care and love, was interrupted by a store employee
May I help you?
She looked fearful. I looked hopeful and explained. She managed to not look surprised and gently directed me to the customer service desk.
The clerk listened to me. A great sign and then a miracle, he handed me MY LENS
He explained that had I come to ask 15 minutes earlier, he wouldn’t have had ut. It had just been handed to him and they couldn’t figure out what it was.
I already loved Smart Shopper in Middletown, PA now, I am a DEDICATED SHOPPER.


… believe it or not, because I truly believe in the impossible and the unpredictable, in the twists ans turns of life, I would love to share a third true story with you in hopes it will convince ONE person, just one, to NEVER give up and always hope anything could happen!

Meanwhile, please share your thoughts…

A little of each? We don’t know?
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No matter what I call such events in my life, I never forget to say,

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