Netflix Movie Review -Overlooked Treasures (3) (R Rated-People 18 years and older)

Angels of Sex is this week’s movie. ( This is NOT rated by Netflix, but I would caution on the safe side and rate it R-18 years and older)

For readers who are catching up with us, every week, I review briefly a less known and unadvertised, but in my opinion, worthy movie, available on Netflix.

The movies are in diverse categories, ranging from psychological thrillers, to dramas (both domestic and international) and documentaries.

The common “thread,” is that for one reason or another, they are memorable and teach something useful.

This week’s movie is “Angels of Sex,” which is a Spanish movie you could find under International Dramas Category. It is a love story with a “twist,” between Bruno and Carla, when Raj enters into their lives.

What determined me to watch and write about this movie?

I’d say, this is a light movie with a serious message, if we look beyond the surface.

In my experience, many people are uneducated or misinformed about the human sexuality spectrum which is a reality of life.

Truth, as I know it, is, that few talk about anything that is not “acceptable” and “accepted” by our society’s norms of right.

Yet, my professional, direct life experiences, showed me a different facet, one of human confusion and curiosity about the topic of bisexuality. Many people seem sexually confused, frightened, as they lack understanding of their own feelings and true sexuality.

I decided to bring up this movie, for people who might be sexually confused and would like to learn more about bisexuality, and less “accepted,” but possibly real sexual scenarios.

It is my hope that this movie will bring some understanding concerning the spectrum of human sexuality.

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