Life Lessons After The Storm

Last night we had a tornado watch which thankfully turned out to be a lot of rain and powerful winds.

This morning I went outside to check if any damage was done to my garden and berry bushes.
At a first, superficial look, from the distance, the branches of my berry bushes seemed broken, touching the ground. Useless? To be dismissed? Cut off?
By definition I persevere and these were bushes I planted with live and hope.
I was not going to give up easy. I went closer and examined the branches. On a closer look, they were BENT not broken. They needed support to be streight and strong again. All it took was to propt them with a few wooden steaks. In the process, I noticed some of the bent branches already bear flowers, which soon will turn into berries.
This was the lesson number one of this morning, and I could not help but think of how many times I observed people dismissing those that seemed useless in a world in which, what’s in it for me is prevelant.
The question was, if I knew the bushes didn’t bear fruit, would I have taken the time to help them stand up again?
Since I promise to always tell the nude truth, I don’t know about the bent branches, but I do know in interactions with the human world, doing for others and expecting nothing in return is healing for my soul, and in a selfish way I will continue to do it until I am broken, not just bent.

The second lesson I learned by gardening after the storm, was how much easier it was to pull weeds from the water soaked dirt.
I concluded that each event could be viewed in many ways. What is important is to take the time and think, is there anything good that could come after the storms in our lives? What have we done to help or dismiss the potential good?

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