With the summer here at last, moods improved and hopefully we are ready for easy, free beauty  tips we could use to enhance our daily lives.

What are the reasons behind “Beauty Tips Friday? In addition to my desire to share, also the fact that I am a PA Licensed Esthetician. I went to school, passed Board exams and owned and operated a successful skin care business for many years. As some of you know, life forced me to change course, but I could still try to make your lives more “fragrant,” by sharing my knowledge and experiences.

With this in mind,  every Friday, I will write about an easy beauty tip. You, my readers, have a week to ask me your questions and I will post the answers each Friday, together with a new TIP. 

This Friday’s tip is:

How to make ROSE OIL and why?

What you need:

Fragrant rose petals. I only have one rose bush with divinely smelling roses, so I am limited. (use at least a cup of petals or more for stronger fragrance.)

Non-fragrant oil – you could use any non-fragrant oil and I suggest organic. You need a cup of oil.

A glass jar which has a lid.

A crock pot or a sunny place or both.

A strainer

Pick the petals and make sure they are clean. Cut them in small pieces so the fragrance gets out of the petals.

Place the oil in a glass jar and place the cut petals inside the jar, in the oil. Move the petals around, do not shake the jar.

Place the jar in a crock pot in which you poured a few inches of water. Set the temperature at lowest setting. I set it on WARM.

The jar with the rose petals inside must sit in warm water in the crock pot, or in a sunny place for at least 24 hours, so the fragrance is released into the oil. The jar must have a LID so the fragrance stays in the jar.

As I mentioned, I used a crock pot on WARM setting. Make sure it is NOT on high! This stage of the process is important, as this is how the rose fragrance is released into the oil.

After 24 hours, open the jar and pour the fragrant oil into another glass container through a strainer making sure you get out as much of the rose petals divine smell!

Discard the petals and pour the clear, fragrant oil back into the glass, covered jar.

How to use:

You could use it as a massage oil, in skin care products (those uses will be explained in another Beauty Tips Fridays “episode,::)) or  use it on its own, as a moisturizer.


How to test:

Best way to test is by applying a very small quantity of rose oil BEHIND your ear and observing for 24 hours if you have a negative reaction or you just smell nice:)

That’s all for today!

If you have any beauty related QUESTIONS, please contact me and you shall get an answer next Friday! IMG_0161_2tmp_20519-image-385207892

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and enjoy the roses…


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