Beauty and Aging! Should We Use Cosmetics?

A few minutes ago I read a few very interesting comments on a Facebook feed about Beauty Products. Some swear by the use of Dove soap, some like vitamin C and Retinol, some are of the opinion that nothing works and we should age as God intended us to age.

Since I hold a license in Esthetics (PA) I felt like voicing my opinion and sharing what I know, but my comment was turning into an essay. I decided to write this post and if anyone in that discussion group would like to ask any questions, please feel free. I do not sell anything and will not say I know something if I don’t.

Our skin is our largest organ. Perhaps, vanity aside, God intended that we take care of our body, health, and not suffer at the hand of… dry skin (itching) or  allergies or oily skin and the resulting black heads, or white heads.

I started commenting on Facebook about products and pricing. 

It is not a rule that expensive is better. Why?  Let’s take “Private Label Companies.” What does this mean?  Large facilities, make contracts with various vendors and package the same creams in containers bearing the label of the  various vendors, but the containers are filled with the same cream.  Of course, we are in a free economy, and each vendor will price the products differently.

How to solve the problem?

READ the ingredients. Make sure the active ingredients are  listed in the highest percentage.

Make sure, if you buy a new product, you TEST behind your ear overnight, to make sure you are not allergic.

Many years ago, I bought a book called: “Take Me To The Counter.” I should probably re-purchase it (I hope it’s still available, isn’t everything available on Amazon?) Anyway, what I remember from this excellent book was to make sure I UNDERSTOOD the listed ingredients. In other words, if the names of the ingredients looked like long chemical formulas, to think again before purchasing the product.

Now, that I am inspired, next Friday, I will write a post about different types of skin and how each needs a different type of care.

Feel free to ask your questions.

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