Defense Strategy From A Guard Dog

Dogs have been known to be man’s best friends forever.

Any dog lover who observed his dogs behavior, knows their personality is as diverse as that of humans. The Nature versus Nurture debate applies to dogs too.

Duke and I met in 2009 and his foster mom, from the rescue organization warned me, he was an escape artist.  Duke mysteriously was able to jump any hight fence and unlock any door and just run to freedom. Well, it turned out he crowled, not jumped any height fence, and was so strong, he was pushing the front door until the poor front door was so hurt, it gave on and let him out.

After he pulled several escape tricks on me, he finally trusted enough that he had a permanent home at last. The result of this realization was that Duke became the best guard dog in the history of guard dogs.

His strategy is simple. When the door bell rings he pushes me back as far away from the entrance. His logic is, why worry and fight the u known danger outside when we solve the problem by not opening the door.



When the door bell rings and you are not expecting visitors, apply Duke’s strategy.IMG_0003








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