The Value Of A Penny

How many times we look down  at the road we walk on and  at our feet, covered  in dirt, we see something which might be a penny. It is a penny!

Should I bent and pick it up? Hmm… it’s dirty, rusty… it’s JUST a penny!

How many times we kept walking, leaving that dirty penny behind, in its own misery, too cheap to deserve our effort to bend and cleaning it up?

If we shop, and we are short a penny, most times there would be a penny jar to the rescue, or a kind shopper, behind us, who would offer help. Most of us were both the person in need of a penny and the kind shopper who offered the penny.

Not so, if humans are not involved. If you receive a computer generated bill, and is short a penny, your payment will be rejected as insufficient. It doesn’t matter if it’s a penny or $300. Suddenly the value of the penny is equal to that of any amount of money.

How did I figure this out?

Last December, when I received a notice that my water was going to be turned off at the end of the month because of non-payment.

On a closer look, I discovered the payment I made on time, was not picked up from a box outside my borough. The delay, resulted in a “penalty” of .98 cents, to which a “late fee of .05 cents was added and the warning to have my water turned off within two weeks from receiving the news.

Now, every time I think I see a penny covered in dust, I pick it up, clean it and safe it in a special jar, labeled: PENNY EMERGENCY.

Respect the value of the penny because if you don’t have it, it is as valuable as any amount of money. 

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