Moving? Are you moving around the corner or in a different area? A different state? Out of the country?

If you are moving anywhere but around the corner, there are several things that need to be on your “Must check list,” before you make a commitment.

I am not thinking of the actual place where you move. Let’s say, it’s a house. We all know to check that the large, costly items are in good order: the roof, the heating system, the plumbing. We also check the real estate and school taxes, and if we have children, the reputation of the school district. Given the reality of life, as I have experienced it, I’d also suggest you check for the quality of your water supply.

This list is “in addition,” to what we check for routinely.

Even if you move in the same state but in different parts of the state, rates for auto, house and health insurance may vary significantly. Do yourself the favor to check before you move.

Also, check for the convenience of shopping, a good hospital, read the online Police blog for types of crimes in the area. I’d go as far as driving at night in an area which seems great during the day, but where action takes place at night.

This is a list of services we take for granted, but they are necessary for our daily lives. Call them convenience or necessity. The truth is, we all need them, sooner or later:

A good, reliable auto-repair shop.

A good hair stylist.

If you have pets, what are the local ordinances? How many cats or dogs are you allowed to have? What are the licensing rules? Are there good kennels in the area, or pet sitters?

If you belong to a place of worship now, check online the various possibilities in the new area.

You like to volunteer? Check the local organizations.

You belong to a support group? Check the availability of specific support groups in the new area.

Moving is considered among the  top ten most stressful activities. I hope this “to the point” list makes easier for you.


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