Bloggers Beaware Part II –After we moved to The Nude Truth — Immediate Consequences

Bloggers, authors and everyone writing a blog. Please read on and learn from my experience…

The day after I wrote the posts on legalized theft, also called domaining, I started receiving “OFFERS” from various companies which facilitate this business, to BUY domains!!! So, here I was, writing against this shady business and just because in my article I used a key word which triggered their computers to THINK “NEW CLIENT,” I started to receive offers!

Well, the problem with computers is they don’t THINK!!!

So, you, yes you, those who watch for  decent people to not renew their valuable domains at the stroke of mid-night, continue to rely on computers.

Let me remind you, yes, you with the human brains, that everything published by ME, Rodica Mihalis is MY intellectual property and you may NOT reproduce it without my specific permission and continue to steal my hard work, unless you want to end up in a court of law.

Enjoy my name domain, but without my articles. You made enough money off of my work while I was sharing for free.

Everyone in this “industry,”  expect a petition to make it illegal to buy someone’s LEGAL NAME, as you bought mine,  Rodica Mihalis, without my knowledge knowledge!










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