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I have been blogging on Word Press since December of 2010. I treasure the opportunity to write and share with my friends, colleagues and readers topics which better or made our lives easier or better.
I used and with a difficult name like Rodica Mihalis, did not think someone will buy my legal name domain!
I did not think my name, which I have to spell three times for any customer service representative, was in danger of being “kidnapped!”. Guided by that logic, I did not buy my own legal name!

About a year ago, I noticed a notice popping up on my screen, informing me that rodicamihalis dot com was no longer available! I called or a similar company selling domains, to find out that “someone,” registered “private,” purchased my name domain. I was told by the very polite representative, this was a “profession” called “domainers,” or “cyber scouts.” In other words, because I didn’t think anyone would buy my difficult name, Rodica Mihalis, but my articles, meant to help others for free, created traffic, a “secret” domainer bought it!

Immediately, my immagination went wilde:

I had visions of some guyor gal, or a couple, smoking Cuban cigars and menthol cigarettes and sipping Margaritas on a private beach, while placing “bets for domains of naive, bordering stupid bloggers, like me who work for free in the freezing weather on the East Coast!

As if that was not enough to take my self-esteem to the basement, recently, I discovered the domainer put the site up for sale for 12 TIMES the price of his purchase.

But wait! That’s not all, as the advertisements targeting insomniacs like me, go at 3:00 AM!!!

I also discovered that while waiting for a purchaser, the owner of my legal name domain, is selling advertising for a FEE to 6-8 businesses, which all link to Amazon through MY NAME DOMAIN!!!

I felt STRIPPED of my name! This is how I came up with the name of the new site: The Nude Truth!!!

I don’t understand the intricate ways of cyber technology, but I understand the concept of legalized cyber theft!

This is the reason I decided to migrate all my hard work, 423 articles, which I wrote for free with the intention to help others, to a NEW WEB SITE:
The Nude Truth – Where we strip life of lies and reveal the truth! (

The mission of the site is to do just that: expose the truth!

We are in the process of improving the new site, but I feel strongly “domainers,” is not a profession, especially when purchasing someone’s legal name and not some fictitious web site name.

I hope you will share this information with other writers and bloggers and also that you will take the time to leave a comment.

I am considering starting a petition asking to make it illegal to purchase someone’s legal name domain, without FIRST making that domain available to the owner of the name. In other words, if someone whose business is to make money off of others FREE work, the victim should at least be given the chance of not becoming a victim.

What do you think?

I promise, The Nude Truth, will provide even more interesting and helpful information on many topics, so that our lives will be better!
Thank you.