Easy Weekend Dessert! Flexible and Yummy!

Easy Dessert!

No-bake Eclair Cake on Chef-in-Training (www.chef-in-training.com) was the triggered for my decision to increase my blood sugar levels and enjoy  this fantastic desert twice in a week!  Why? Because chocolate-type deserts increase other types of necessary “levels,” we all need. Belated  Happy Valentine’s, but in all honesty, chocolate is applicable year around in my book of pleasures!

As always, I had some of the ingredients, but not all, or I had what was not mentioned in the initial recipe, but I thought something else would taste better… or different.

This is why I love cooking/baking and hate house-cleaning. There is no imagination to how you clean a house.  Top to bottom! You do or don’t!  I don’t.

Okay… back to the no-bake eclair cake.

It requires:

Grahm crackers (or similar sweet crackers, if you find less expensive ones, I assure you, they will not jump out of the pan to complain)

2 large packets of vanilla pudding (dry)

2-3 cups milk or as much as it requires for a good consistency of vanilla pudding. It thickens in 5 minutes.

Add to the vanilla pudding 2 Tbsp. hazelnut spread (optional but yummy) and

One container of Cool Whip (found in the refrigeration section, with the ice creams, not where my faulty logic sent me, with the heavy cream, etc)

For frosting:

Butter (3-4 Tbsp) mixed with 1 Tbs brown sugar) -microwave to mix well, add 2-3 Tbs of cocoa and a Tbsp. of hazelnut spread) Mix all well and set aside.

Layer the Grahm crackers in a pan. I’d put two layers of crackers.


Pour half the mixture of dry vanilla pudding with the milk, the hazelnut spread and the cool whip  on top of the layered grahm crackers and top with another layer of crackers. On top of it,  pour the rest of the vanilla pudding mix/cool whip etc.

At this point we may use our imagination:

Put a lawyer of a fresh fruit (any would do, that you like, but probably not a fruit that has a high content of water and gets mushy fast)  You could add a type of jam too, or nuts.

I opted to mix some fruit jam (I like peach or any berry type) in the cocoa frosting and spread on top of the last layer of crackers. If I had walnuts, I’d have definitely use them too.

Why not try other types of dry pudding mixes other then vanilla?

This dessert does not require baking, but it is at it’s best if refrigerated overnight. Trust me! I know, as mine sat overnight and now I’m going to dive into it for…lunch!

Thank you Chef in Training and our imagination!

Wishing everyone a sweet weekend!



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