People That Eat Dog Treats And Love Them !!! Saturday Easy Tip!!

Dog treats and people who eat them by choice? 

You could think I am crazy, but if your dog is your best friend, wouldn’t you want to know how what you feed him or her, NOT IT, tastes like? Well I did!

The KEY? Home-made food!

A while back I watched a video about all the ingredients going in commercial dog  food. In all honesty, I could NOT watch it to the end, not only because it was disgusting, but also because when someone tries to SELL me something at the end of any infomarcial, even with valid information, I doubt the information. So to speak… was the information true, or was it “bent” to fit the purpose of sales?

However, I decided to start making home made treats for my dogs, so I knew what goes in their systems are not pesticides, or other dead animals, as this video claimed.

I used a very simple recipe, found on the site of Whole Foods Stores, and then I played with adjusting, adding and subtracting ingredients, depending on what I had available in the kitchen.

The basic recipe:

1 mashed banana (you could substitute with chopped apples)

1 beaten egg

2-3 Tsp. of oil (if I use the treats for dogs only, I use olive oil, but if I want to taste the treats, I substitute with butter, to make it unhealthy for me –IMG_0003100_118020140530_123025-I know… the cholesterol!!!)

1/2 rolled oats

2 Tbs. organic peanut butter (could substitute with almond  butter)

a dash of salt

Flour to make the consistency just right to not stick to your hands and roll in the shapes you desire.

Shape in the desired forms and bake at 350 F until brown. They will HARDEN when cool.

If you check the ingredients used in this recipe, they make a wonderful human food as well. I tasted them, in fact I ate a whole one while still warm.

This is how we show our love for our best friends… we eat their food, to avoid them eating ours:))

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