Easy, Versatile Dough, For Everyone’s Budget!

Easy, versatile dough for everyone’s appetite and budget!

It seems to have become a pattern:

Weekends make me hungry and in the spirit of sharing, because perhaps others are hungry too and have  limited  ingredients and budgets, I will TRY to make it a tradition to post an easy recipe every weekend, or almost…

This is a versatile dough which could be used both for desserts, or appetizers.

It requires 3 basic ingredients and most of them could be substituted for another with similar properties.

The basic recipe:

1 cup butter (or Crisco)

3 cups flour

1  cup sour cream (if you really, really don’t have the sour cream, I substituted with water, but the dough will NOT be as fluffy)

Dash of salt

Optional (if used for desserts)  powder sugar to garnish after dessert cools off.

You may also  beat an egg white and use as glaze, before you bake whatever you shaped the dough into.

First, mix well (flour, butter, sour cream and dash of salt.) The consistency must be smooth and easy to get off your fingers. Form the dough in a ball and refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight. Cover the dough with a clean piece of clothe while refrigerating.

Remove from refrigerator and while the dough is still cold, on a wooden board (or any kitchen board) using a wooden roller, spread the dough thin. Be inventive and spread the dough using a bottle if you don’t own a wooden roller. Just be inventive and persistent.

Cut the flattened dough in squares or triangles. or rounds, using the opening of a glass… or for that matter, a shape of your liking.

Types of Fillings:


If you wish to make a dessert, place  on the larger side of the triangle shaped-dough a mixture of nuts and jam, or chopped dry fruits, or whatever your heart desires. Roll the triangle, starting from the largest point (where you placed the filling,) to the narrowest point of the triangle. I like them in bite size.

Place  the bite size, filled shapes on a buttered cookie sheet  (if you are lucky to have an egg white, beat it lightly (don’t bruise it) and coat them and bake at 400 F and watch closely, so they don’t burn.

You will know when they are done, because I bet you baked before.


If you wish to use this dough with a salty type filling, I like feda cheese mixed with an egg, or any  shredded cheese (I used cedar cheese today, on its own–no egg.) Flatten dough, using the same procedure as for desserts, use a filling of your liking and bake in the same way.

I still have unused dough in the refrigerator, and will use tomorrow, as resting it overnight makes it even better.

Please let me know how it turned out for you, but only if you like it. I don’t take criticism well, as I am insecure and too sensitive…

No matter what, enjoy your weekend and remember, there are no mistakes, not even in baking, just baking “lessons.” As long as we don’t repeat the same pattern expecting different results. Just as in relationships, so in baking, if we learn from our mistakes, they are lessons.

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