How to Make Timely Payments on Your CREDIT CARD– It’s Your Responsibility, Meaning…

…do NOT rely on receiving statements in the mail, if you don’t do all your banking on line. DO NOT rely on what your credit card computerized system tells you  ON THE LAST DAY, before you experience FINES for late payments!!!

We know, or should know, that timely payments on all our bills, but particularly on credit cards, are essential not only to establish a good credit score, but also because the second you MISS the deadline for paying at least a minimum payment on what you owe, you get a fine. Mine is $25.00!!!

As I was driving today, my subconscious mind “spoke to me,” (very bad timing, never let your subconscious talk while you drive) and it whispered: “Isn’t your credit card due today???

In a panic, I dialed the customer care as soon as I got home. I didn’t receive a paper statement… may be because of the Holidays…???

The ROBOT lady informed me of all my options: PAYMENT!!! I shouted several times, and she understood me, at last! Then calmly, as nothing could anger a lady robot, she informed me: “NO PAYMENT IS DUE, DO YOU STILL WANT TO MAKE A PAYMENT?”

“Cool,” I thought, but then she said something about my points. I wasn’t sure what to do with points, or what they were, and also, in the back of my mind I had a nagging suspicion that my card payment was due TODAY! 

I asked clearly the robot lady: “REPRESENTATIVE, please.”

“Sorry, please select one of the following options…”

Okay, none of her options were a human!

I asked calmly again, but skipped the please, as it didn’t seem to help.

No, she was stubborn, so I shouted:

“Human, human, I need to speak to a HUMAN!!!”

After hesitations, and her voice sounded hurt… may be:)) I was transferred to an “ASSOCIATE.”  Please take note, not a representative but associate is what the robot will likely understand.

Once I was speaking to a human, I asked about the points and what they meant, but the “subconscious voice,” nagged me again about the last date when I could pay my credit card without a $25.00 penalty. So, as I always listen to my inner voice, I asked the associate:

“Could you please check WHEN IS MY PAYMENT DUE, your automated system told me there was NO amount due and I didn’t get a statement.”

YOU GUESSED IT!!! Indeed, my payment was due today. The robot was wrong and I had no statement.

I made my payment on time just because I listened to my … inner fear? voice? God?

I politely told the associate,” This has nothing to do with you, personally, you are doing a great job, but this sucks for the clients… is this ON PURPOSE? I hope we are on a recorded line and I ask that you report what happened to your Manager.”

I hang up and in addition to sharing with you this experience, I learned my lesson to write down the due dates of ALL my bills and not “expect anyone else,” to remind me, or tell me the truth, even if it is their responsibility. Whom was I going to blame if I were late? The robot?

One last thought… always try to pay the entire amount due on your credit card on time. If you cannot, at least make a payment MORE than the minimum required. If you check your statements (if you get hold of them) you will notice that interest compounds and if you make minimum payments and continue to use your card, soon you will be at your credit limit and in debt.

In conclusion: 

Pay your credit card on time and do not trust the robots!

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