After Christmas Detox– Did You Eat Too Much? No Problem! Here IS Help! Milk of Thistle and Aloe Vera

This post was “inspired” by research I have been doing to help Lola, the most recent addition to our pack of  rescued dog-companions. In all honesty, I am not sure if they rescue us or us them…

However, this is irrelevant for the scope of this post, which will address physical detox, as opposed to spiritual detox, a much more complex topic which would require thousands of posts as a starter…

Back to the much simpler topic of BODY/ORGANS DETOX.

Although there are tens of ways and formulations to detox, I will  limit this article to TWO most used and which have been proven to work for BOTH humans (that is us, standing on two feet, OUR two feet and thinking using the supposedly most evolved brain, determined by “science”) and also used for our pets (specifically dogs, our best friends, who walk on four “legs” but  instead of “thinking” they feel and are committed to humans, at much higher levels of kindness than some of us would ever understand and appreciate)


Milk of Thistle

Milk of Thistle is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family, native to Mediterranean countries, also called  “Mary thistle or holy thistle.” (

It is used as a natural treatment for liver problems (cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, gall bladder disorders.)

Undocumented scientifically, claims are made it helps with  heart problems, specifically, lowering cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and it reduces growth of cancer cells in breast, cervix and prostate.

The main ingredient in milk of thistle is silymarin, which is both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

The scientific results of the possible benefits of milk of thistle are on going and not definitive.

DO NOT USE–if you have an allergy to ragweed or plants in the daisy family or the following conditions:

If pregnant, breastfeeding, have fibroid tumors, endomitriosis or ovarian cancer.

Check with your doctor on possible interactions with medications.

Shopping for Milk of Thistle

My research on best places to purchase milk of thistle is limited and subjective. No claims are made regarding the sources listed as being the best or the cheapest. My research was done on Christmas Day, 2014 and special holiday offers may have been applied. 

Determining where I purchase is influenced not only by cost, but also by the quality of the product. Also, liquid products, as a rule, are easier to absorb, thus I prefer the liquid form of any remedies or medications. It is also helpful to check other customers’ratings and to make sure the product is rated by as many customers as possible. For instance, a rating of 5 stars by 2 customers is not as relevant as a rating of 4.7 stars by 285 customers.

Following, are a few sources  to consider for the purchase of milk of thistle:

Amazon (, Walmart (,,

Milk of Thistle for PETS-

Aloe Vera – internal and external usages 

As many others, I too, have an aloe vera plant  and use its gel as an external aid to heal skin burns. I knew that aloe juice was an efficient internal detoxifying aide but until recently, never thought of the possibility to use my plant for internal detoxification.

The active ingredient in aloe is polysaccharides.

What follows are the results of my research regarding aloe as an internal detoxification agent. Of course, you could purchase both aloe vera juice and gel in many stores and online. I didn’t research the commercial sources because the goal was to make maximum use of my personal aloe plant, which was mainly going to waste ( as I don’t “burn” myself trying to get baking pans out of the hot  oven enough to use the entire plant.  In all honesty, “I burn myself” more, trusting some humans too much, but aloe doesn’t help with those “burns,”  and my research is still on going regarding that type of “burns.”)

The benefits of aloe date back to ancient Egypt (used for heartburn, acid-reflux, constipation, gas, bloating– it reduces the stomach acid levels)  –

Aloe vera balances your body’s PH level making it more alkaline. It is said to detoxify your body and blood stream, aids with stomach problems, such as ulcers (

Again, this is highly subjective and limited research, but I found the simplest and easiest method to make your own aloe drink on U TUBE, by Stacy Leffingwell (AloeGirl):

Cut off an aloe leaf, cut in one inch increments, remove spikes (the edges) with sharp knife, remove the outside (top and bottom rind). You are left with the clear gel. The yellowish part under the hard rind has strong laxative properties… so use ONLY if that property is needed.  Place the gel in a blender and add a citrus juice. It works well with orange juice. On its own, aloe has a bitter taste, but when mixed, it takes the taste of the agent you mix it with, in this case, orange.

IMPORTANT– The process of cutting the leaves, preparing and blending must be done quickly to maintain the benefits. After the process is completed, REFRIGERATE. Also refrigerate any unused plant which is already cut.


In this version (  ALOE, HONEY AND ALCOHOL will be needed:

200 g Aloe Vera gel 

200 g Honey

Shot of alcohol (vodka should be fine– personal opinion)

Remove spikes ONLY but leave the green outside skin on. Cut in small pieces. Blend in blender. Mix in honey and add alcohol (it keeps the mixture alive)

Place in jar with lid and refrigerate.


BEFORE EATING– take 3 x a day a spoonful.

Take for ten days. STOP for ten days. Repeat.

Home made aloe juice/gel ensures there are no unhealthy additives.


Aloe helps stop itching and scratching (skin-eze) —

I have not tried home made juice on my dogs.



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