Lonely and Alone… What Is The Difference…

At a time of the year when it seems compulsory to be with family and friends, as we watch Kay jewelry commercials about a kiss com and diamonds commercials, let’s be honest and admit not everyone has a family and many are not all chocolate and diamonds …

This thought prompted me to write this post, as I am about to leave my friends in Florida and fly back home to PA, where I do not have a family, but am not alone.
What is the difference…
I was in a marriage of 20 years but was lonely, yet not alone. I had to adjust my needs to my family’s, but when I was trying g to communicate at a deeper level with my husband… well… it wasn’t happening. I felt lonely, yet our host Mas tree was there, the presents, the ham etc. Oh and how could I forget, the family and friends.
Years flew by, my daughter’s flew to California, my husband is no more, so… am I lonely.
The story I am going to share illustrates the difference best.
I went to a new doctor. He said, So, you live alone, do you feel lonely, as in depressed.
I responded,
I don’t live alone. I live with three rescue dogs and Max, my African Grey, who every morning tells me, I LOVE YOU. If I don’t answer back, he asks, WHAT Are YOU doing…lol
I am alone by superficial human standards, but not lonely.
To the joy of having the unconditional love of my pets, I derive soul companionship from connecting with my community and people life sends my way for a reason.
The artist on the plane, the homeless by choice who offers free bracelets on a Florida beach, the beautiful blonde woman on the beach , who dedicates her life to autistic children.

Perhaps, I felt more lonely when I was in meaningless relationships, than I feel now, when I live alone by the superficial doctor’s intake form, yet I’m not lonely.

Loneliness is a state of our minds, not of what TV commercials feed us.

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