The Key of Making Our Personal Best Out of “The Holiday Season!”

With Thanksgiving behind us, we are one step ahead to walking yet another year through the labyrinth that is  “politically correct” labeled now, “The Holidays!”

We still have to walk through the narrow corridor of Black Friday and then the frenzy of getting whatever is left over if one didn’t wake up at 2:00 AM on Friday to get the technological gear in  fashion and demand this year! What would our child say? Imagine the disappointment experienced and the life-lasting trauma of not having whatever game, jewelry or piece of clothing one wished for… Forget war caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD!) The trauma of not having exactly what one wished, when they wished it! That IS real trauma!!! Yes I am sarcastic because as a society, in general, we lost perspective of what is really important in life and it would be nice to regain perspective!

Perhaps, our peace of mind is possible if we only take a few steps in the opposite direction.

The Key to our sanity  could be easier than we think:


What if, instead of stuffing ourselves with 3500 worth of calories at the Thanksgiving table, we eat on a SMALLER PLATE. What if we also participate in one of the many projects organized by churches and communities everywhere and feed the homeless. It is the truth that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, if we would only have the courage to try.

What if instead of beginning the endless chase for more “things” which tomorrow will be forgotten in a corner, we give gifts from our true heart, not as much our pockets.

Let’s give a book of services one could perform himself or herself. A massage? A cooked meal on a night our partner is tired?  A gift of a trip to a near by park and pick nick when spring arrives. How about those chores she expects you to do and you say “later” and she ends up doing them? Yes, I am talking about taking the garbage out!

How about if like me, you are an empty nest?  What the hack does that mean? Empty?

Once a doctor asked me, “Do you live alone?”

“No,” I responded.

He looked at me puzzled: “You circled divorced, on the form…”

Yes, divorced, not alone.

“I live with three dogs and a parrot. Every morning, when I go in the kitchen to make my coffee, Max, my African Grey, greets me with, “I LOVE you!” And he means it!

How many people are that lucky, to be told how much they are loved, sincerely, every morning? The KEY to this blissful relationship is that I say it back to him: I love you too!

Oh, and the benefit, African Grey live to be 80 years old, so this is a long term blessing and joy which I will pass on to my daughter, unless I live to be 150!!!

Next week I will travel to see friends in Florida. I could not afford holiday prices, so I settled for the cheapest travel, between the two major holidays, when  plane tickets doubled. I assure you the ocean will be equally beautiful the day before Christmas.

It’s all in our minds! 

Any day could be what we make it to be! The key of  being content, peaceful, dare I say… happy and staying on track, OUR  personal track,  not that of the big corporations, is to have confidence in our ideas and to not be afraid to have the “traditions fit our needs and not us fit into the traditions!”

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