When The Doctor Says It’s ALL in YOUR HEAD !!! The Story of How H-Pylori bacteria As The Cause of Stomach Ulcer

How many times  have we been told: Your blood work is fine, EVERYTHING came back negative…”

You are at first happy, then another feeling creeps up in your already confused mind:  Everything is perfect, but I have pain, I am sick, I loose weight I…

If you are like me, you keep asking questions and most times are gently made believe, “it’s all in your head, a psychiatrist perhaps?

I decided to write this post so that perhaps others will understand EXACTLY what it means “your tests came back positive.

In one sentence, it means, we tested for ALL the bacteria, funguses, all that we KNOW exists, but this does NOT mean you don’t have a germ which hasn’t been discovered yet. But, if we don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist!

A honest statement would be: Your tests came back fine for ALL we know it exists!

My guess as to why they don’t make this correct statement? Imagine the patients confusion. What do you mean, bacteria which was not discovered YET? Wasn’t everything discovered?

Well, to support my story, I am going to share with you the story of how h-pylori, a bacteria, was discovered , what  what it took for the “traditional” medical world to accept it, and how BEFORE it was “discovered” people going to the doctor complaining of excruciating stomach pain due to gastritis or peptic ulcers,  were told the cause was STRESS! RELAX!!! 

What it took to convince the medical community that the cause of peptic ulcers is not stress but a bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, and the CURE is ANTIBIOTICS NOT RELAXATION!

H-Pylori was first identified by the Australian scientists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren in 1981. Further research was done by the British scientist Stewart Goodwin.

Before 1981, gastritis and gastric ulcers was believed to have no microbial connection. A link however, was discovered between duodenal ulcers and stomach cancer (which is not in our head!)

The H-pylori bacteria exists in the stomachs of about 50% of the world population, in the upper intestinal track and up to 85% have no symptoms (Wikipedia, 20014)

The h-pylori, to make everyone’s life even more miserable, HIDES in the stomach mucus. It avoids the acidic environment in the stomach by using its “flagella” to burrow into the mucus lining, all the way to the epithelial level cells, where… SURPRISE!!! acidity is more neutral and bacteria could LIVE!!

It is the acidity in our stomachs whose “duty is to KILL’ bad bacteria. This is why if we take anti-acids for long periods of time, we KILL the acid and our stomachs  and become an easy target for bacterial infections! This topic will be addressed in another post, as it is a multi-billion dollar business and I need to research it more.

Lets go back to our researchers in Australia… so… they discovered the h-pylori in 1982!!! They presented the results to the powers to be in the world of “to be or not to be in our heads,” and the decision was it was in the scientists heads. So, ulcers continued to be caused by STRESS!!! 

What it took to convince the traditional medical world that the cause of peptic ulcers and gastritis was a bacteria and NOT STRESS!!!

In March of 2010, DiscoverMagazine. com  –issue for the curious,  by Pamela Weintraub published an article entitled:

The Doctor Who Drank Infectious Broth, Gave Himself an Ulcer, and Solved a Medical Mystery! 

You guessed it, or may be not, this is how incredible this is!

To prove to the medical world that ulcers could be cured by antibiotics and is not stress related, Dr. Marshall INFECTED himself with H-PYLORI and by taking antibiotics CURED himself! 

Victory at last! It was no longer in our heads, it was caused by a bacteria and curable with antibiotics!!!

In 2005 the discoverers of h-pylori, a BACTERIA as the  cause of peptic ulcers and gastritis, were awarded The NOBEL PRIZE!!!(www.nobelprize.org/noble_prizes/medicine)

How many years did it take? You do the math!

Did I say they first discovered h-pylori bacteria as the cause of ulcers in 1981? And was the Noble Prize awarded in 2005, after D. Marshall infected himself to demonstrate that the cure was ANTIBIOTICS NOT RELAXATION???

Today, a simple blood test determines the presence of h-pylori and at last millions who subscribed to meditation techniques take antibiotics for their stomach ulcers and gastritis, and get healed. Now, meditation is another topic, and do NOT stop practicing it, but for other reason, not ulcers!

So… next time you feel like an R rated word which starts with  SH and ends in t (SH-t,) think of this incredible story and that the science, the pathologists, the doctors do not know it all.

New bacteria and viruses are discovered everyday.

Perhaps it is time to be humble and open-minded and admit, because we do not know it all, it is called  THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE!

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